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LEST Faculty News

Gerard J. Mangone receives honorary degree from UD

March 10, 2010 -- Gerard J. Mangone, University Research Professor of International and Maritime Law, was presented with a University of Delaware honorary degree by A. Gilchrist Sparks III, Chairman of the Board of Trustess, in a special ceremony March 1 at the President's House. To read the story, click here!

Gerard J. Mangone

A prestigious marine law journal established an award in honor of  Gerard J. Mangone, University Research Professor of International  and Maritime Law and Professor of Legal Studies.  Martinus Nijhoff  Publishers decided to celebrate the 90th birthday of Professor   Mangone on October 10, 2008, by establishing an annual prize to be  awarded to the author of the best contribution published in the   International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law.

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Back on October 23, 2003, Professor Mangone was honored in a  special ceremony renaming the UD’s Center for the Study of Marine  Policy as the “Gerard J. Mangone Center for Marine Policy.”

Carolyn A. Thoroughgood, dean of the College of Marine Studies  (CMS), and University President David P. Roselle hosted the  ceremony, which was held in Bayard Sharp Hall. Thoroughgood  praised Mangone for his outstanding academic credentials, his  international reputation and his leadership skills in both  organizational and administrative capacities, calling him “one of our  most distinguished faculty members.”

Roselle commended Mangone for his thoughtful commitment and generous donation of $300,000 to the center. He also recognized Mangone’s continuing contributions despite reaching UD’s official retirement age more than a decade ago, affectionately dubbing the octogenarian as “UD’s version of the Energizer bunny.”  Dr. Mangone is the author of United States Admiralty Law (1997) and many other books and scholarly articles.

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                         Us Admiralty Law        



Recent Publications by Legal Studies Faculty


Leslie F. Goldstein

Leslie F. Goldstein, Judge Hugh M. Morris Professor in the Department of Political Science & International Relations, has published The Constitutional and Legal Rights of Women (2006), co-authored with Judith Baer.  Professor Goldstein teaches constitutional law and civil liberties; gender, sex and law; history of political philosophy; history of American political thought; politics and literature. Her research interests include the law and courts in the global order; comparative women's rights; and the history of political thought. Professor Goldstein is the author of Constituting Federal Sovereignty: The European Union in Comparative Context (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001).



Joan DelFattore

Joan DelFattore, Professor in the Department of English, has published “What Is Past Is Prelude: Newdow and the Evolution of Thought on Religious Affirmations in Public Schools,” in University of Pennsylvania Law School's  Journal of Constitutional Law, Fall 2006.  Professor DelFattore is the author of What Johnny Shouldn't Read: Textbook Censorship in America and The Fourth R: Conflicts Over Religion in America's Public Schools, both published by Yale University Press.




Sheldon D. Pollack

Sheldon D. Pollack, Professor and former Director of the University of Delaware Legal Studies Program, is the author of two books on U.S. tax policy, The Failure of U.S. Tax Policy (Penn State Press, 1996) and Refinancing America: The Republican Antitax Agenda (State University of New York Press, 2003).  Pollack's latest book is a comparative study of state development in Europe and the United States: War, Revenue, and State Building: Financing the Development of the American State, (Cornell University Press, 2009).




               book cover image         



Gerald Turkel

Gerald Turkel is Professor of Sociology. He teaches courses in social theory, sociology of law, law and society, and gender. Turkel directs the Law and Society Concentration in the Sociology major.  He is the author of numerous scholarly articles as well as Dividing Public and Private: Law, Politics and Social Theory, published by Praeger Publishers.


Gerry Turkel       Law and Society: Critical Approaches


Joshua Duke

Joshua Duke is Associate Professor of Natural Resource Management in the Department of Food and Resource Economics.  He was recently named editor (with his UD colleague Titus O. Awokuse) of the journal Agricultural and Resource Economics Review.


                                       Joshua M. Duke                     


Eric Rise

Eric Rise is Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice. He is the author of numerous scholarly articles as well as The Supreme Court of Florida and Its Predecessor Courts, 1819-1917. (edited with Walter Manley and Canter Brown, Jr.). Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1998.




Juliet Dee

Juliet Dee is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication. She is the author of numerous scholarly articles as well as Mass Communication Law in a Nutshell, (Fourth Edition). St. Paul, Minnesota: West Publishing, 1994  (with T. Barton Carter, Juliet L. Dee, Martin J. Gaynes and Harvey L. Zuckman).

                                            Mass Communications Law: In a Nutshell (Nutshell Series.)


Jeremy Firestone

Jeremy Firestone is Associate Professor of Marine Policy in the College of Marine and Earth Studies. He is currently involved in a project involving Offshore Wind Power.


                     Picture of Dr. Firestone                    


Joseph Daniel

Joseph Daniel is Associate Professor of Economics.  His research interests include Law and Economics.


                     Dr. Joseph I. Daniel                             Journal of Urban Economics


Nancy Nicholson

Nancy Nicholson is Professor in the Department of Linguistics & Cognitive Science.  Her research interests include sociolinguistics, language planning, language and the law, court interpretation, interpretation theory and practice.




Ken Haas

Ken Haas is Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice. He teaches courses in judicial behavior, corrections, and criminal law. His articles have appeared in law reviews, social science journals, and scholarly anthologies. His scholarly work has been cited in many law review articles and by the United States Supreme Court.




David Blacker

David Blacker, Professor of Philosophy of Education and Legal Studies at the University of Delaware, has just had a new book published by SUNY Press.  Democratic Education Stretched Thin is political philosophy, history of philosophy and education, and large bits of it are relevant to legal studies.  To read more about the book or Dr. Blacker, click here.  To order a copy of the book, click on the images below:


 book cover image                         



Legal Studies Faculty Alumni

Valerie Hans

 Photo of Valerie Hans       The Jury System: Contemporary Scholarship (The International Library of Essays in Law and Society)Judging the Jury

Professor Valerie Hans is a past director of the Legal Studies Program at UD and now is a faculty member at Cornell University Law School.  Her books include Business on Trial: The Civil Jury and Corporate Responsibility (2000); The Jury System: Contemporary Scholarship (2006); and Judging the Jury (1986, coauthored with Neil Vidmar).

To check out her current activities, click here



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