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The following Reports, Surveys, and Studies are available through the Office of Institutional Research to monitor institutional effectiveness. They contain information that is collected by Institutional Research (either from campus databases or via questionnaires and surveys) and then analyzed, disseminated, and discussed. Many of these reports are conducted on an annual basis, while others occur every couple of years depending on the Institutional Effectiveness Assessment Framework. Some institutional research studies are conducted only once or perhaps twice to answer a specific management question. Access to some of the following is restricted to UD faculty and/or administration.

Academic Benchmarking Exit Survey of Graduating Students
Admitted Student Questionnaire (ASQ) Facts and Figures
Annual Survey of Undergraduate Charges Faculty Work-Life Survey
Associate in Arts Satisfaction Survey Grade Distributions
Campus Pulse Surveys Graduate Student Survey
Career Plans Survey National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
Economic Impact Study Oklahoma Salary Survey
Employee Satisfaction Survey Retention and Graduation Rates
ACT Entering Student Needs Assessment Survey Undergraduate Satisfaction Survey

A description of each report is provided below. For further information, please contact the Office of Institutional Research at 302.831.2021 or e-mail us at


Academic Benchmarking   *** Authorized Access Only ***

This report summarizes the results of the most recent data collection (2007-08 and 2008-09 data) from the Delaware Study of Instructional Costs and Productivity. Three prior years are also provided for trend analysis. The data tables display UD academic departments' measures on six discrete variables with national benchmarks calculated from data submitted by research universities from across the United States. These variables include: (1) Undergraduate student credit hours taught per FTE tenured and tenure track faculty; (2) Total student credit hours taught per FTE tenured and tenure track faculty; (3) Total class sections taught (excluding labs) per FTE tenured and tenure track faculty; (4) Total student credit hours taught per FTE faculty (all categories combined); (5) Direct instructional expenditures per student credit hour taught; and (6) Separately budgeted research and service expenditures per FTE tenured and tenure track faculty.


Admitted Student Questionnaire (ASQ)

The College Board's Admitted Student Questionnaire Plus (ASQ+) Survey is administered to better understand the college choices made by college-bound students. The student responses indicate the factors that influence student enrollment decisions the most, how the University of Delaware compares to other colleges considered by respondents, student perceptions of financial aid packages, and how students compare costs at UD versus competitor institutions. The most recent survey administrations took place in 2005 and 2007.


Annual Survey of Undergraduate Charges (Tuition and Fees)

Each year the Office of Institutional Research conducts a survey among regional institutions to gather information regarding undergraduate charges including tuition, mandatory fees, room and board.


Associate in Arts Satisfaction Survey

The Associate in Arts (AA) Student Satisfaction Survey was administered in spring 2009 to understand AA students’ level of satisfaction with a wide range of programs, services and campus characteristics.


Campus Pulse Surveys

Campus Pulse Surveys are short web surveys administered to a sample of University of Delaware students. Surveys focusing on Registration, Diversity, Advising and Safety have been conducted. Please contact us with any questions.


Career Plans Survey

This report summarizes an annual survey of the employment status and educational pursuits of students who completed their degree requirements within the past year. It provides information on where students are employed, as well as average salaries for males and females at the college and departmental level. The report also presents a distribution of programs selected by those who are continuing their education full-time after college.


Economic Impact Study

The 2007 Economic Impact Study was conducted to determine the economic impact that student, faculty, staff, and University expenditures have on the local community of Newark and the state of Delaware. This study replicated the Economic Impact Study conducted in 1999, and sought to examine trends of expenditures and the economic impact of the University of Delaware since that time. The Economic Impact Study was administered in November 2007 to a sample of 2,650 undergraduate and graduate students and 2,050 faculty and staff members on the Newark campus. The study was also administered to approximately 300 local businesses in the Newark area.


Employee Satisfaction Survey

The University is committed to being a good employer and to helping individuals achieve their fullest potential. In order to fulfil this goal, an Employee Satisfaction Survey has been administered to better understand the level of job satisfaction for faculty and members of the professional, salaried, and hourly staff. Employee Satisfaction Surveys were conducted in 1995 and 2006.


A Campus Climate Survey was developed and administered in 2009 with assistance from the Diversity Action Council, the Office of Equity and Inclusion, and the Office for Institutional Research, as well as input from a variety of campus groups. The overall purpose of the survey was to determine how faculty, staff, and students perceive the campus working and learning environment. The survey was specifically designed to analyze how welcoming and equitable the campus is viewed, to assess behaviors respondents have experienced, and to solicit suggestions for improving the campus climate.


Please contact us with any questions.


ACT Entering Student Needs Assessment Survey

During New Student Orientation the "Entering Student Needs Assessment Survey" has been administered. The purpose of this survey is to ask entering first-time freshmen for their best estimate of the amount of help they will require over the course of their academic careers in specific skill areas that are components of a college education. In the spring a follow-up survey is administered to measure to what extent the academic needs of entering students have been met. Our intention is to ascertain the extent to which the University has provided appropriate programs and services to address the needs that they specified on the Entering Student Needs Assessment Survey. The most recent survey administration of the ACT Entering Student Needs Assessment Survey took place in 2007.


Exit Survey of Graduating Students

The Office of Institutional Research has administered a series of exit web surveys to graduating undergraduate and graduate students. The exit survey is designed to capture students' level of satisfaction with the University of Delaware and how the University has enhanced their life experiences. The most recent study is based on quantitative data derived from three exit web surveys which were conducted in Spring 2007, Spring 2008, and Spring 2009. The response rate for these surveys ranged from 20 to 30 percent. The report summarizes the primary findings of the exit web surveys with particular attention to undergraduate and graduate students as separate groups.


Facts and Figures

This document provides historically accurate and consistent statistics about University programs and degree offerings, students, faculty, staff, finances, and facilities. Web-based and PDF versions for 1998-99 through 2013-14 are available online at Paper copies of this information each year since 1986-87 are available for reference in the Office of Institutional Research.


Faculty Work-Life Survey

This report summarizes the results of the Faculty Work-Life Survey conducted in April 2014. The survey was distributed to all full-time CNTT and tenure/tenure]track (T/TT) faculty over a three week period. This work was carried out with partial support of NSF HRD-1409472.

Executive Summary

Full Report


Grade Distributions

In May 2005, the University of Delaware Faculty Senate “voted to make the distribution of grades across departments regularly available to the University community.” The Office of Institutional Research maintains the web site that publishes that grade distribution information.


Graduate Student Survey

During the 2008-2009 academic year, the Office of Graduate and Professional Education, the Graduate Student Senate, and the Office of Institutional Research developed the Graduate Student Survey. The survey was administered by the Office of Institutional Research in Spring 2009. The goal of the survey is to better understand the needs and expectations of UD full-time graduate students and their level of satisfaction with graduate education at the University. The survey includes sections on primary advisor, faculty, resources, benefits, facilities and services, as well as a series of open-ended questions in which respondents could address other concerns and issues.


National Survey of Student Engagement   *** Authorized Access Only ***

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is a national data collection directed at measuring the extent to which students are engaged with faculty, with each other, and with their studies. It examines the extent to which they read and write, make use of technology, and engage in a broad range of learning activities. NSSE is typically administered to freshmen and seniors at a college or university to assess differences in level of engagement between first year and fourth year students. The Office of Institutional Research has administered NSSE in 2001, 2005, and most recently in 2008, along with the Faculty Survey of Student Engagement(FSSE).


Oklahoma Salary Survey

A comparison of average faculty salaries by academic rank and by discipline, for faculty at the University of Delaware and at those Land Grant Universities across the nation which participate in the Oklahoma Salary Survey. Reports, which date from 1990 to the present, are available for reference in the Office of Institutional Research.


Retention and Graduation Rates Report

This report is prepared annually for the Consortium for Retention Data Exchange (CSRDE) to give term-by-term retention and graduation rates for Newark Campus undergraduates. Each year's report contains a University overall summary as well as separate tables for men, women, African-Americans, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, and Delaware residents and non-residents. This information is also reported annually to the National Center for Education Statistics (IPEDS). Please contact us with any questions.


Undergraduate Satisfaction Survey

The Office of Institutional Research regularly administers a satisfaction survey to undergraduate students. The ACT Survey of Student Opinions was administered in 2002 and 2006. During the spring 2009 semester the Office of Institutional Research administered a "home-grown" Undergraduate Student Satisfaction Survey to a sample of students in an effort to learn more about student opinion on a wide range of University programs, services and campus characteristics.

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