Summary Report of the 2011 Career Plans Survey

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Every year, the Office of Institutional Research, with the assistance of the Career Services Center (CSC), surveys University degree recipients to ascertain students' post-UD employment and educational plans. This report summarizes the career and educational plans of students who completed their degree requirements at the University of Delaware between Summer 2010 and Spring 2011 (2105, 2108, 2111, and 2113). The Career Plans Survey was administered to all undergraduate and graduate degree recipients through a combination of 1) Survey cards distributed at select college convocations and 2) an online survey. After the Survey cards were distributed at select college convocation ceremonies in May 2011, an email providing graduates the URL of the 2011 Career Plans Survey ( was sent to all undergraduate and graduate degree recipients in November 2011. A personalized postcard from each student’s Dean was mailed in December 2011, providing graduates the survey’s URL. Follow-ups were sent to graduates via email with the survey’s URL in February and June 2012. Note that these nine and twelve month post-graduation follow-ups by email were possible for the first time now that graduates retain their email addresses indefinitely. Additionally, the CSC webpage linked to the survey’s URL to assist with data collection. Data obtained from all of the above sources are incorporated in the results.

For the 2011 cohort, the overall response rate for baccalaureate degree recipients was approximately 33 percent; for graduate degree recipients it was approximately 28 percent. The data available on this website reflect the structure of the seven undergraduate and graduate colleges in place during the 2010-11 academic year.

For a more detailed explanation of the data contained in the Career Plans Reports, please see the Technical Appendix. There is also a sample Survey available.

If there are any questions about the data on this website, please contact Allison Walters at or (302) 831-2021.

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