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2014 Data Collection Form

The 2014 Delaware Cost Study Data Collection Form is available here as a PDF file, for informational purposes only. To obtain the Excel Template for your data submission, send an email to

Data Submission Formats

1. Submitting Data in Excel Template Format

Most institutions opt to submit data in Excel Template spreadsheet format. The preferred means of doing this is to use the Excel template which we have created, and which is designed to assist you in editing and checking your data. To obtain the Excel Template for your data submission, send an email to Each template accommodates 10 CIP codes. We suggest that you make copies of the template before you begin the data entry process. Use whatever filename you like for each workbook.

The worksheets are password-protected to allow you to enter data into the appropriate cells only. This will ensure that you do not write over formulas that we have entered for subsequent data analysis. For example, the row labeled TOTAL in the Instructional Courseload Matrix automatically calculates the sum of all the numbers above it within a given column. Therefore, you will not be able to enter any numbers in the TOTAL row. The spreadsheet allows you to choose, through a drop down box, whether you want to enter the subcomponent (detail) or total student credit hours so that the appropriate cells are protected. The spreadsheet is already set up to allow you to enter the subcomponents of student credit hours but not the total.

While the worksheets are protected, the workbook will allow you to duplicate sheets, delete sheets or change the page set-up. Important note on duplicating worksheets: You may only duplicate a sheet or sheets using the "Copy > Sheet" command. You should not insert a blank sheet and copy to it the contents of an existing sheet. The primary advantage of submitting data via spreadsheet is that we are providing you with calculated statistics from your data that are similar to the ones that will appear in the final report. We suggest that you use these calculated statistics, displayed in Tables 1 through 4 following the Data Input Portion, to verify the accuracy of the data that you are submitting. You may wish to print the data collection forms and the associated Tables 1 through 4 on page two of each form for your records. We will be using a similar format when we send data out to participating institutions for final verification of the data, prior to moving to analysis.

2. Submitting Data as a Flat File

If you opt not to use the Excel Template, you may submit the data as an Excel fixed column spreadsheet. Please use our detailed instructions for submitting an Excel Fixed Column file, which relates each data element to a fixed column in your spreadsheet. Each CIP occupies a single row in the spreadsheet. To submit data as a fixed column ASCII file, please use our comparable instructions for submitting an ASCII file.

How to Submit Data

When you are ready to submit your electronic file(s), please also send a completed Data Transmittal Form, as an electronic file, or you can mail or fax it to us per the instructions on the Form. You may then either:

  1. E-mail your data submission and as attachments to Pat Kelly at, or
  2. Upload your file(s) to the secure University of Delaware Dropbox. To use the Dropbox, click "Drop-off" to upload your files for Pat Kelly, indicating her email address as

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