2011 Program News

Coaches Finish Module III, Head Home

Module III at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs wrapped up on Tuesday with a Farewell Reception at Phantom Canyon.

Many of the coaches departed for home on Wednesday, some very early. A few coaches who left later in the day or on Thursday or Friday woke up to see some of the coaches off early. After some issues with flight changes, the coaches made it home a couple days later.

The coaches spent their final full week at the OTC listening to different presentations again, on topics ranging from physiology, sports nutrition, to psychology and training. The coaches also had to give their own presentations on training model designs, nutrition and psychology.

They had the opportunity to visit the National Strength and Conditioning Association where some of the coaches participated in different tests such as the vertical jump, agility run, and 10-yard dash. This quickly turned into a competition to see who could beat who. After this visit, the coaches went back to the OTC to visit the Sports Performance Lab.

On Saturday, the coaches finally had the opportunity to meet with their tutors. First, Josep Escoda, Peter Davis, and Barb Daniels and Sarah McQuade gave presentations on sport in their countries, Spain, Australia and the United Kingdom, respectively. After these presentations the coaches met with their tutors to share some basic information on their plans for their project. Sunday was a much busier day as many group and individual meetings were held to discuss further development of their projects.

Monday morning started with individual and group pictures for the program. After the pictures were done, the coaches split up into four different groups with their tutors to give 15-20 minute presentations about their projects. They were able to receive feedback from a tutor different from their own and also from different coaches. After these presentations finished for the day, the coaches went back to work. They had to trim their presentations down to 5-7 minutes to give on Tuesday to all of the coaches and tutors together.

There were many mixed emotions shared at the Farwell Reception Tuesday evening. The coaches were happy to be heading home to see their families again, but they were sad to say goodbye to the great relationships they have developed over the past six weeks. The coaches ate, played pool, talked, and took many different pictures. A slide show was shown, highlighting different moments over the past six weeks. Many cheers and playful comments were voiced as different pictures showed up. After Carolina and Dr. Robinson shared different thank-you’s, the night started to wrap up. Some coaches went back to the OTC to try and spend a little more time together before leaving the next morning.

Since departing from Colorado and arriving home, the coaches have been exchanging many emails and messages on Facebook. They are already looking forward to reuniting again in Lausanne in April. Many words of encouragement are being shared, pushing each other to be successful with their projects.