2011 Program News

Week Two Continues With Health Sciences Presentations

After the coaching panel discussion with Coach Tina Martin kicked off week two at the University of Delaware, it was back to the regular presentations and classes for the ICECP coaches.

Dr. Matt Robinson started with a presentation on Sponsorship, Marketing, and Fundraising. He assigned a sponsorship proposal project for the coaches to complete which they presented to each other later on in the week. These presentations included very different approaches and ideas for a sponsorship proposal, which led to the coaches wanting to share projects so that they would be able to use the different ideas.

Later Monday afternoon, the health sciences presentations began as the coaches traveled to South Campus to meet with John Smith, the Head Athletic Trainer for UD Athletics. The coaches were able to explore one of Delaware’s training rooms and were also shown different taping methods.

The coaches also received different presentations throughout the week including Muscle Physiology, Recovery and Regeneration, Preventing Low Back Pain, and Fluid Balance and Regulation falling under the health sciences section.

Thursday the coaches met with University of Delaware men’s lacrosse coach Bob Shillinglaw for a session on mental preparation. Coach Shillinglaw put the participants through different exercises to demonstrate the effects of mental preparation. These exercises affected all 32 coaches differently, but they had fun with the different results.

Dr. Robinson gave presentations about the apprenticeship sites and requirements for the coaches’ projects. The coaches now realize the kind of work required to put in so that they learn as much as possible and are able to make their projects successful.

After another long week of presentations and assignments, the coaches headed down to Washington D.C. for the weekend before departing for their various apprenticeship sites.