2011 Program News

Coaches Take Trip to Washington D.C.

Dr. Robinson gave one last presentation Friday morning before concluding the First Module of the 2011 ICECP Program at the University of Delaware. After filling out some paperwork, packing their bags and checking out of the hotel, the coaches were off to visit Washington D.C. for the weekend.

The trip took almost four hours due to bad traffic on I-95 from an accident. Many coaches took naps, watched movies, talked, or just relaxed. Everyone was relieved to finally check into the hotel once we arrived. The group had the night to themselves to do whatever they wished. Some went out to dinner, and some took the metro into town to do some sightseeing.

Saturday morning the group quickly learned about the Washington D.C. metro system as everyone tried to make sure they purchased the correct ticket. While waiting for our train to go into the city, some coaches decided to start playing music on their phones and dancing at the station. One older woman, not with the group, decided to join in.

The coaches were able to take a tour of the White House Grounds. Unfortunately, many of them wanted to meet President Obama, but it did not fit in with the program schedule. The coaches realized how fortunate they were when they found out the tour of the grounds is only given twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Although the coaches enjoyed the tour anyway, learning that information made it much more special for most of them.

After the tour, the coaches were again free to go their own ways. Many first tried to find something to eat, to replenish themselves after a long morning. After lunch, some coaches went back to explore the different sites, such as the Lincoln Memorial. Other coaches walked the streets of D.C. shopping and visiting different museums. Some even traveled to Chinatown.

A meeting back at the hotel that evening gave the coaches all the information they would need for their travels the following day to their different apprenticeship sites. The coaches embraced their final night together for a while by trying to spend as much time together as possible. Some coaches left as early as 4:00am the next morning, catching flights to various sites. The coaches will all reunite at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs on October 27th.