2011 Program News

Graduation Day!!

Monday started the final day for the coaches in Lausanne. After getting breakfast at the hostel, the group headed over to the International Olympic Committee headquarters to begin their final presentations in the Coubertin Conference Room.

Afternoon of Rest

Stress levels were running high most of Saturday and early Sunday as the coaches were finishing preparations and starting their presentations for the juries. Some were able to get theirs out of the way early, but some had to wait until later in the afternoon or even Sunday morning to present. Many coaches surprised each other, coming ready dressed to impressed.

Day One in Lausanne, ends with a visit to IOC Headquarters and an International Coaching Panel

With a visit to the International Olympic Committee headquarters, the coaches had the opportunity to participate in a coaching panel discussion with three very accomplished coaches.

Day One in Lausanne, begins with visits to IF's and Olympic Solidarity Presentation

The coaches have been reunited, meeting up again in Lausanne, Switzerland this week. Although they have been able to spend some time together, the coaches have been busy so far. Soon after arriving, each coach was scheduled to meet with his or her tutor to help work on finalizing different aspects of their presentations. Between changing their presentations and trying to catch up on sleep after all of the traveling, the coaches have managed find time to reconnect.

Coaches Finish Module III, Head Home

Module III at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs wrapped up on Tuesday with a Farewell Reception at Phantom Canyon.

Coaches Start Module III

The coaches started Module III at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs early Friday morning.

Apprenticeship Wrap Up, Coaches Head West

A little snow on Wednesday didn’t keep all of the coaches from arriving in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center Thursday evening.

As the coaches were finishing up their apprenticeships at different locations across the east coast, many learned about the snow that was falling in Colorado Springs. Many were excited with the news, having never seen or touched snow before. While most of it melted by the time the coaches arrived, they were still able to enjoy some of it.

Coaches Take Trip to Washington D.C.

Dr. Robinson gave one last presentation Friday morning before concluding the First Module of the 2011 ICECP Program at the University of Delaware. After filling out some paperwork, packing their bags and checking out of the hotel, the coaches were off to visit Washington D.C. for the weekend.

Week Two Continues With Health Sciences Presentations

After the coaching panel discussion with Coach Tina Martin kicked off week two at the University of Delaware, it was back to the regular presentations and classes for the ICECP coaches.

Coaches Have Q&A Session with Coach Tina Martin

Week two at the University of Delaware started off with a question and answer session with UD Women’s Basketball Head Coach Tina Martin.

Week One in Review

The first week of the ICECP program has come to an end at the University of Delaware.

After a full week of getting to know each other better, the coaches seem like they have known each other all of their lives. They had a long week of different lectures, ranging from an introduction on Olympism, to First Aid and Emergency Management, to the Ethics of Coaching and SWOT Analysis, including many others. The coaches were able to unwind a little bit over the weekend, with no classes to worry about.

Opening Reception, 3 October 2011

The 2011 ICECP began on Sunday with a welcome reception that allowed the international coaches to share about their home countries and learn about each other.

Nancy Hogshead-Makar to give keynote address

Olympic gold medalist swimmer Nancy Hogshead-Makar will be the keynote speaker at the opening ceremony of the fourth edition of the International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program (ICECP) at 9 a.m., Monday, Oct. 3, in the Grand Ballroom of Marriott's Courtyard Newark at the University of Delaware.