2011 Program News

Graduation Day!!

Monday started the final day for the coaches in Lausanne. After getting breakfast at the hostel, the group headed over to the International Olympic Committee headquarters to begin their final presentations in the Coubertin Conference Room.

After dealing with the stress of presenting their projects to the juries over the weekend, Monday was a day for the coaches to share their achievements with their peers. First, a group picture was taken out front of the IOC headquarters. After going inside, the coaches had the privilege of listening to Mr. Chrisophe Dubi, the Director of Sport at the IOC give the keynote address.

Mr. Dubi was appointed to his current position in July 2007. He is now responsible for the relationship with the International Sport Federations, as well as the sport components in the organization of the Olympic Games. He is also the director responsible for the Athletes’ Olympic Program, and Sport for All Commissions, which are of paramount importance for the IOC and the Olympic Movement. The Sport Program is the Heart of the Games; its great diversity of sport disciplines and events caters all skills, interests, cultures, and age groups.

Mr. Dubi talked to the group about his work with the Entourage Commission. According to the official website of the Olympic Movement, “The Entourage comprises all people associated with athletes, including, without limitation, managers, agents, coaches, physical trainers, medical staff, scientists, sports organizations, sponsors, lawyers and any person promoting the athlete sporting career, including family members.” A range of target groups/populations have been identified around athletes in an effort to provide them with a general understanding of expectations and the role each play in the athlete’s “performance system”. The Entourage Commission identified several elements that could benefit all the populations making up the entourage, and developed the Guidelines for the Conduct of Athletes’ Entourage

After Mr. Dubi was done speaking, the coaches started their ten minute presentations. Once the presentations were finished and everyone shared the success of their projects, the coaches received their diplomas for completion of the course. Twenty-eight coaches graduated, which is the first time in the fourth year of the program all coaches present passed. Nine coaches received honors, including Mr. Meshal Alotaibi, Mr. Hope Chisamanga, Ms. Nayana Chowdhury,Mr. Adisu Hurgessa Duguma,Mr. Marko Isajlovski,Mr. Husnija Kajmovic, Mr. Franco Liu, Ms. Heather Samuel, and Ms. Marja Woortman.

The last and final stop for the program this year was the dinner reception at Restaurant Aulac. The coaches shared many pictures, a few gifts, and what they thought of the Lausanne experience and the overall program.

When asked about his experience, Mr. Cornel Milan, fencing coach from Romania, had a wide range of opinions. At first apprehensive about traveling from the Geneva to Lausanne by train, stating that the train is his least favorite form of transportation. However, he said that the different sights and landscapes he saw on the train ride were “superb.” He enjoyed the presentations, saying they were filled with many different emotions and funny moments that have now become memories for all of the coaches.

Mr. Meshal Alotaibi, archery coach from Saudi Arabia, said, “The Lausanne module was indeed the crowning glory of my ICECP experience. The anticipation of being at the IOC as a member of the ICECP family was overwhelming. The sessions in the Coubertin Conference Room made me reflective of the journey from October 2011 till now. The privilege of receiving honors was a most satisfying experience and I really want to thank all my ICECP family who played a major role in my wonderful experience.”

“It was an amazing experience, seeing the IOC offices and having the opportunity to learn what the IOC provides for the improvement of coaches’ knowledge and skills,” said Mr. Hope Chisamanga, a basketball coach from Malawi. He also added that being able to visit the FIBA offices was a great opportunity to see how they operate, and that presenting his project to the tutors was a great learning experience. “All in all, the five days in Lausanne were awesome.”

Many emotions were shared as the coaches spent their last moments together as the group. However, many hold hopes for the future. As Dr. Matt Robinson has said many times throughout this program, “This is not the end, it is only the beginning.”