2011 Program News

Afternoon of Rest!!

Stress levels were running high most of Saturday and early Sunday as the coaches were finishing preparations and starting their presentations for the juries. Some were able to get theirs out of the way early, but some had to wait until later in the afternoon or even Sunday morning to present. Many coaches surprised each other, coming ready dressed to impressed.

After finishing, some coaches went into town to explore and shop, while others just stayed at the hostel to relax and rest. Others adjusted their presentations to fit ten minutes to present to their peers on Monday.

Once the presentations were complete on Sunday, the coaches went into the town of Cully to visit one of the local wine vineyards. Cameras were snapping quickly as there were many beautiful sights the coaches were trying to capture. A group of the coaches walked up a steep path to get to the top of Grandvaud. Some soon realized the challenge that lied ahead and teamwork became beneficial as some coaches started helping others by pushing them slightly in the backs. The others who did not make the trip went to the lake to explore different places in that area.

After returning back to the hostel, the coaches left for dinner at Carrousel du Vidy, a pizza place along the lake. Everyone enjoyed themselves, having the opportunity to enjoy dinner with each other and the tutors. More pictures were taken, as the restaurant was located by a marina where many boats were docked. As the sun was setting, it set the scene for some very beautiful shots.