2010 News Stories

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Recap 16th & 17th October 2010

It is day two at the beach and the coaches are thrilled to venture to the Rehoboth outlets. After an eight o’clock breakfast the coaches returned to their rooms to get dresses and prepare for a long day at the local shops. The coaches went to various stores including Under Armour, Nike Reebok, Walmart etc. Quickly the shopping carts piled up with different items. Julian, Wickey and Alfusainey enjoyed their first experience at Walmart. They enjoyed it so much that they asked to go back a second time before the venture back to the hotel. At seven o’clock the participants met outside the hotel to meet before the trip to the board walk. The coaches were able to spend their last night at the beach while also finding a place to eat dinner.

The following morning was a somber day as the coaches said their goodbyes to one another. Even though it was a sad time to leave their new friends they were upbeat about heading to their apprenticeship site. It is safe to say that the group will be excited to regroup on October 28th.