2010 News Stories

Travel Day, 28 October 2010, Everyone is headed to the OTC

One of the most anticipated days of the six week span has finally come and gone. Each coach, in the Philadelphia area, packed their bags to prepare for an early morning the following day. Around five o’clock in the morning the coaches, located in Philadelphia and Wayne Pennsylvania, awoke to load their luggage in a van that arrived at the two hotels. The participants from Wayne, Pennsylvania traveled fifteen minutes to the Crowne Plaza hotel to pick up the four remaining basketball coaches. Around six thirty in the morning the eight individuals arrived at the Philadelphia International Airport. At nine thirty the airplane left the runway towards Chicago.

After a quick bite to eat and restroom break the crew boarded their second flight of the morning (11:50 am central time). The estimated travel time from Chicago to Colorado Springs was approximately two hours and twenty eight minutes. Fortunately, the actual time travel was shorter than the estimated time. When the individuals arrived at the baggage claim they were greeted by two members of the self proclaimed A-Team (Khalique and Aaron). The participants caught up with one another on the bus ride from the airport to the Olympic Training Center Complex.

Upon arriving at the complex the participants were surprised to see the rest of the individuals unloading their bags from another bus. Regina gathered the coaches together and gave a brief tour of the facility explaining where the dining hall and dorms were located. After eating a highly awaited lunch the coaches met in the Gold Room to review what the next thirteen days hold for them. After the brief meeting the coaches were set free to catch up on sleep and/or walk around the facility. Spirits are high now that the group is once again a whole.