2010 News Stories

Spotlight on Mr. Bob Hunter, Basketball Coach, El Salvador

For the duration of the apprenticeship the basketball coaches would sit in on and observe each of the men’s basketball practices at their universities. While on the sidelines and/or on the bleachers the coaches would take notes on how the practices were run, how the coaches interacted with the players and different plays they could use for back home.

Bob Hunter spent his time at Temple University. He stated, “I would get to practice and watch from the sidelines. I would take notes about some key points and plays I found interesting and observed each coach during practice. Sometimes I had the opportunity to get closer and ask them some questions and they kindly respond.” Bob Hunter enjoyed the intensity of the practice that Coach Dunphy set. The athletes would give 100% from thebeginning to the end of practice. Bob believed that practice was run effectively and could not imagine how to improve the sessions. When asked about his interactions with the coaches he acknowledged, “The coaches and players are very kind. They are willing to talk about what they do and how they relate to the game at Temple University. Head Coach Fran Dunphy is an amazing character, not only as a coach, but as a person. I can see why he is one of the most respectful coaches in the nation. He talked to me without any problems I had.” Not only did he have the opportunity to talk to the coaches but with the players as well. “I have spoke to some of the players, especially Junior Juan Gonzalez, a very nice kid from Argentina and who is considered a preseason all American. He is only 20 years old and I am amazed how young these players are and already performing a very high level. This is the kind of players I would like to develop in my country.”

Throughout the apprenticeship he learned about discipline, preciseness, intensity and all the aspects that have to be done in order to achieve perfectness and to be successful on and off the court. Temple University was a great program to learn from.