2010 News Stories

Oh So Sweet - 4 October 2010

Ian Weithers, a participant from last year’s ICECP program, was asked to return for the upcoming program as a peer mentor.  Ian also referred to as “Sweetness” established himself as a leader in the 2009 program by interacting and providing a helping hand with the other ICECP coaches.  Ian was not assigned to do the courageous acts but went out of his way to help individuals with their computers, presentations, understanding of the English language and providing a shoulder for one to lean on.

Throughout the course Ian designed a successful Judo project titled:  Development of Selection Criteria for Pre Elite Judo Athletes.  Ian noticed that in his country judo athletes were selected mainly upon their sport results.  His program was to establish a multi component system for selecting pre elite athletes.  After conducting his research and implementing his project he discovered that selecting athletes on various aspects is a more effective selection process.  The four key points that Ian chose to observe in an athlete before the selection process are:  sport result, mental toughness, technical ability and weight management.

Ian Weithers current position is the Junior and Senior Head Coach of Barbados Judo Association.  At the age of six he began his Judo training.  Ian was a competitive player up to fifteen years old.  Ian was the national champion throughout this time period.  From 1985-1988 he left the sport to study radiation therapy in the United Kingdom.  When he returned from the United Kingdom he reentered judo as a blue belt and escalated to a black belt by 1990.  Currently Ian is a fifth degree black belt.

Besides participating in the 2009 ICECP program Ian has conducted and assisted in several international coaching clinics in United Kingdom, Suriname, the Bahamas and most recently in Macedonia.  He has attended local, regional and international coaching courses to further his knowledge and experience.  Ian was a part of the Pan American Sport Organization in Ecuador, United States and Cuba where he focused on judo specific activities.  Ian received an IOC diploma from Semmelweis University, Budapest.

When asked about what was so special about the ICECP compared to other coaching programs Ian responded, “It is a program with a difference.”  He explained that the ICECP is the only course he has attended that required a coach to create a specific project and carry it out within their country.  Ian’s word of wisdom for the 2010 international coaches is “To be open. Be an empty cup.”  He explained that top level coaches sometimes feel that they are superior and know all, but that in this program they must be open to change and listen to other coaches.   

The University of Delaware along with the ICECP staff and coaches would like to thank Ian Weithers for all of his effort and commitment to the program and willingness to aid and mentor this year’s participants.