2010 News Stories

31 October 2010 Recap

Today was Halloween and the ICECP participants were in for a scare. The journey to Pikes Peak began at 10:30 in the morning. The United States Olympic Committee bus arrived outside the complex and gathered the twenty one coaches. Upon retrieving the tickets for the cog railroad the group made their way down the stairs to the café to gather their lunches. Everyone was allowed to board the cog at 11:40 am to prepare for the noon take off. On the way up the mountain the conductor constantly informed the members, riding the train, of facts about the mountain and all the sites they were going to see.

Once arriving on the mountain it was clear that the temperature difference at the top of the mountain was much lower than the bottom of the mountain. Everyone was blown away by the scenery. They viewed Colorado Springs from above, the Rocky Mountains (snow on the mountains afar), lakes, desert, Kansas and much more. Many participants realized that they had to pace themselves while walking on the mountain due to the risk of lightheadedness afterwards. At 3:00 p.m the cog made its way back down the mountain. The participants were tired after the overwhelming afternoon and raced to their rooms to get some rest.

The group met up at night and participated in different activities such as: ping pong, pool and poker (non-betting). The participants are intrigued about a table tennis tournament that was created tonight that will involve two teams competing against one another. The group with the most points will be declared the winner at the end of the night.