2010 News Stories

30 October 2010 Recap

Around 8:45 in the morning the ICECP participants gathered in the Gold Room to present to the rest of the group about their apprenticeship experiences. For the past week the individuals pondered about where their friends were located and what type of activities they were involved in. Each group put together a five to eight minute power point presentation that covered a general synopsis of their apprenticeship experiences. They provided facts about the university, what practices were like on a daily basis and likes and dislikes.

At 11:30 a.m the coaches met outside the Olympic Training Center Complex to load into two vans awaiting them. Regina and Dan escorted the participants to the Emma Crawford Coffin Races located in Manitou, Colorado. This was an entirely different experience for all of the coaches. None of them have ever witnessed an entire street being shut down for Halloween and Coffin Races. The coaches stayed at this event for close to three hours before being picked up by the vans. Upon arriving at the complex a few of the members (Laisiasa, Zoran, Dejan, Inguna and Dan) participated in multiple two on two basketball games. This was very tiresome as the individuals fatigued quickly due to the high altitude. Overall the day went well. There are mixed emotions about tomorrow’s venture to Pikes Peak.