2010 News Stories

3 November 2010 Recap

The first presentation of the day was brought forth by Dr. Sean McCann. The focus was based on mental preparation between athletes and coaches. Mental toughness is an aspect that is overlooked in sport. As athletes, coaches and spectators we focus on just the athlete’s talent and ability alone. After the presentation everyone realized no athlete will reach their top potential if they are not mentally tough. Dr. Sean McCann explained that there have been plenty of athletes that have succeeded in world championships but not in the Olympics. He also brought up scenarios that tested the coaches on how they would respond if they witnessed their athlete having a mental breakdown fifteen minutes before competition. Dr. McCann’s presentation was an eye opener.

After lunch Dr. Peter Haberl presented on teambuilding. He explained that a team that has cohesion will perform better. Bill Pracells, former football coach, stated, “When your team is working together, your competition will have fewer weaknesses to exploit. But a team divided against itself can breakdown at any moment. The least bit of pressure or adversity will crack it apart.” Dr. Haberl explained that the US Olympic teams (Atlanta, Nagano, Sydney) had poor team cohesion and led to the lack of medals. Most importantly he introduced the “Disease of ME.” There is no I in team, however there is a “ME” in team. Athletes must clear this out of their minds. An athlete whose only concern is themselves makes their team weak and less likely to win.

Two ladies from USADA presented material on anti-doping. The two individuals presented a short video on how drug tests are conducted on Olympic athletes. Many of the coaches found it interesting that USADA conducts drug tests on all US Olympic athletes within 150 days before the Games. The presentation also described the technology that test the athlete’s urine and blood. Along with this they continued to explain what substances they are looking and what the legal limits for these substances in the blood and urine.

The day concluded with several of the coaches using the aquatic center to swim for an hour. The ICECP Games did not take place last night but many of the coaches squared off in playing billiards.