2010 News Stories

2 November 2010, Recap

Another day has past but was not boring to say the least. The day consumed of four lectures. The presentations included material such as: tapering, overtraining: causes, recognition and prevention, using adaptation to guide training and international games/team prep. Two of the lectures focused on how important it is for a coach to not over train their athletes. A famous quote Dr. Randy Wilber stated was, “An athlete that is over trained .05% will do worse than an athlete at 50%.” He also stated that the 50% numeral is most likely inaccurate but shows that an athlete must be peaking at the right time of an event.

When class came to a close the individuals proceeded to the dining hall to partake in dinner. They were instructed to be at Building 81 for the first day of the ICECP Olympic Games. The ICECP Games are a great way to build group chemistry, team bonding and camaraderie with one another. There are twenty two participants in these games. The individuals from Africa, Europe, Ocenia and United States are one team. The opposing teams participants are from Central and South America as well as Asia (numbers worked out evenly). Throughout the course of the week the coaches will participate in a sporting event chosen by the coordinators (Dan and Size). Tonight’s event consisted of table tennis. The night was far from boring as the two teams collided with one another. The brackets were selected by picking names out of two hats (one for each team). One individual from each team would face off against an individual from the other team. After one round the winners would advance and their names would be placed once again in the hats. Each individual victory would result in one point towards their team.

There were many highlights from the night. In the first round of the tournament Team Wicky expressed extreme passion by chanting on each member of their team. The most memorable chant was “Lets go Anny!!” The chant transpired when Anny took the group by storm with her tremendous battle against Laisiasa. Laisiasa was able fight off the chants and come up with a victory for Team Size. The teams stayed neck and neck throughout the second round. During the second round, by luck of the drawl, the group witnessed a showdown between Aaron and Khalique. Both individuals are pro table tennis players and showed off their skills. Aaron was victorious in the match. The third round kicked off with a bang with Quentin getting his wish granted to face Aaron. He stunned the world by pulling of the tremendous upset over the favorite. Arilson and Dejan were also victorious in the matched against Uros and Mehran. After day one Team America’s and Asia find themselves holding a slim lead in the points (11 to 9).