2010 News Stories

1 November 2010 Recap

Another month has gone by and a new one has begun. The ritual has stayed the same even though the ICECP participants are in a new location, Colorado Springs. The participants begin the morning with a healthy prepared breakfast followed by class lectures. After the morning lectures they have a two hour break period to eat and workout. The final two hours are dedicated to class lectures.

Dr. Joe Vigil presented two lectures on “Training Phases and Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand.” He explained that the training goal is to show continuous improvement to an athlete’s VO2, lactate threshold and as well as their fractional utilization of each of these levels to the maturity of their career. The group was fortunate enough to have a presenter with the caliber of Dr. Joe Vigil.

The afternoon lecture focused on the importance of videotaping in sport. Scott Riewald explained that having videotapes is relatively important in sport. A coach can view his athletes and opponents tendencies, show his/her athlete what they are doing right and wrong and can review to the tapes to help develop a better game plan. Scott Riewald showed the coaches different types of software programs that are available that can make their athletes performance better. After a short break the coaches’ spoke to the rest of the class on how having video technology would improve their sport (in the country).

The night ended with an optional trip to the local mall and Wal-Mart. Each coach was allotted two hours to purchase supplies as well as buy souvenirs to take home.