2010 News Stories

7th & 8th November 2010 recap

Papers shuffling, pens clicking, fingers pounding on the keyboards, sighs of frustration were the only noises one could hear throughout the two days. The ICECP tutors arrived the day before and were ready to lend a helping hand. Both days the individuals met with their tutors to work on and review their projects. The past two days have been a different style to what the participants are use to. Normally the coaches sit in on lectures and listen to material presented to them. Now it is their turn to show how much they have learned throughout the six weeks while applying the information into their projects. Each coach has been asked to present their material twice. The first presentation is designed for the individual to explain their project as a whole. The presentation will be timed. Depending on how long each individual takes they will know what to keep and delete for their five minute presentation the following day. Putting together such a project is a difficult task. Spirits are high at the Olympic Training Center because there is an experienced individual to guide them to the promise land.