2010 News Stories

Day # 9 11 October 2010

The day began with an opening presentation on training theory for the track and field athlete.  The presenter, Jim Fischer, made it clear that the material that he was presenting was not just for track and field athletes.  Throughout Fischer’s presentation he covered topics discussing what training theory is, five components of training, principles periodization, five variables of interval training and biomotor abilities.  With the material presented the participants can pick up on how to properly train and design workouts for their athletes.

Dr. Matthew Robinson followed with a lecture based on promotional strategies for growing the game at grass roots level.  Dr.  Robinson reviewed strategies that leadership can do to review strategies and “grow” sport throughout the country.  He also identified important strategic partners, promotional mediums and public relation strategies that can be used to achieve increased participation numbers at the youth level and basketball infrastructure.

After lunch the group traveled to South Campus to tour the University of Delaware’s athletic facilities.  Julian Benjamin, Dominica’s Archery Coach, commented, “Looking at the facilities made me realize that we have not scratched the surface with our sport.”

The tour came to a close a John Smith and three of his seniors set up four stations on how to deal with athletes in certain circumstances.  The topics covered were R.I.C.E, proper hydration, locating the pain and dealing with the athlete and creating new ways to help the athletes recover with limited resources.  Afterwards the coaches took turns in learning how to tape one another’s ankles. Julian stated, “As far as care for athletes and injuries we need to do more especially in the prevention of injuries.  In the Caribbean we do not have that.”

He further commented, “The camaraderie between the participants is memorable and very special to see everyone come together.”