2010 Program News

Day # 8, 10 October 2010

The ICECP program has been up and running for one week.  The coaches have created new friends, attended numerous lectures, established various ideas for their projects and adapted to a new environment.  This process has been rough and rewarding for all of the participants.
Size Vardhan, Head Coach of South Africa’s Senior Women’s Team and Technical Director, explained that after his arrival he experienced a culture shock.  “Delaware is a much bigger campus than I expected.”  Size announced that the hospitality, facilities and program are tremendous.  When asked about what makes this program different he stated, “There are a lot of hitches in other programs.  The rating here is excellent.”  He made it clear that the program did a wonderful job choosing all of the course subjects.  “In just ten days my expectations have been far exceeded.  I am excited to see what else I learn.”

Husni Lamir, Libya’s Assistant National Coach, was overwhelmed by his first week.  “It cannot be better from all aspects quality of lectures, hospitality and the beautiful campus.”  Coach Lamir is determined to take advantage of his time here.  He further commented, “I am in the godfather’s house of basketball.  I had the opportunity to be here as a coach.”

Mehran Hatami, Iranian National Coach, commented, “This is a big opportunity to be here and learn from twenty other nations as well as the United States.  I loved hearing all of the topics and am appreciative of the presenters.”
One week is down and there are five more days remaining until the departure to Lewes, Delaware.  The coaches as a whole are in high hopes and are pleased with their experience at the University of Delaware.