2010 Program News

Day #6 recap, 9 October 2010

The anticipation for the field trip to the nation’s capital has come to a close.  At 7:00 am the coaches boarded onto the bus to the travel to Washington D.C.  Around 9:00 pm the bus pulled next to the arrival and meeting spot, “The Castle”.  After a brief announcement from the vocal Steve Amster the group was set free to visit Washington D.C’s tourist attractions.

Throughout the day the coaches visited the Washington Monument, WWII Fountain, Vietnam Wall, Lincoln Memorial, Capital, White House and several of the cities museums.  This was considered an eye opening experience for numerous coaches.  For most this was the first time visiting the United States capital.  Many explained that they could not believe they were visiting sites they had seen on television and/or heard about their homeland. 

At 5:00 pm the group met back at “The Castle” to head back to Delaware.  The day proved to be tiresome as every coach fell asleep on the journey home.  After awakening, each individual on the bus was entertained by the individuals in the back of the bus (Aaron Nawuoh, Khalique Bailey, Peter Cuffy and Quentin Hall) singing an old song about individuals cruising together.  The day proved to be filled with new experiences and fun.  The group will have tomorrow off and will be allowed time to shop at the Christiana Mall and Best Buy.