2010 Program News

Day #5 recap, 8 October 2010

Today was dedicated to the program’s guest speaker, Richard Way.  The entire day was broken into four lectures all presented by Richard Way himself.  Throughout the day he touched on three different topics:  long term athlete development, talent identification and field specialization.
For the entire day Richard Way questioned the coaches on how young an individual should begin training in particular sports.  He presented multiple tables recommending when an individual should begin learning the sport, developing and lastly learning techniques.  The coaches were split into groups according to their sport and were given the task to discus when as coaches they should begin teaching the rules and techniques, how many hours it takes a day to become a pro and when does an athlete become a pro in their individual sport.

Following Mr. Way’s presentation the ICECP participants met a Grotto’s Pizza for dinner along with Dr. Robinson’s first year experience class.  The students and coaches were able to bond over dinner while rooting on the Philadelphia Phillies.  The students were interested in meeting more than one coach due to the bonding at the opening reception earlier in the week.

Once dinner came to a close, the group walked across Main Street to attend the University of Delaware women’s volleyball match against VCU.  After the first set the coaches gathered at mid court and were recognized for their tremendous achievement.  The match did not last long as Delaware won in dominating fashion over VCU in three straight sets.

After departing from the game the coaches seemed overwhelmed by the excitement of the sporting event and are excited for the trip to Washington D.C. tomorrow morning.