2010 News Stories

Day # 3 Recap, 6 October 2010

After a long night of hard work and research the coaches made their way towards the ball room for a second day of classes.  Highly respected Julie Subach presented the first lecture of the morning.  The presenters focus was on proper nutrition for individuals and athletes.  Jeanie Subach introduced the MyPyramid website.  This program is capable of tracking the calorie intake an individual consumes and approximately how many calories burned.  She proclaimed that using this matter would be beneficial for tracking their athlete’s nutrition.  Julie expressed the various types of foods athletes should consume daily (must have a colorful plate of foods) as well as how to provide an injured athlete with the proper nutrition technique.

While at Morris Library, Sandy McVey provided a short introduction to Microsoft Power Point.  Throughout this time the coaches learned how to use proper slide layouts, themes, animations and most importantly maintaining the “Flow” throughout the slide show presentation.  Sandy provided a step by step lesson in order for the participants to follow easily while allowing enough time for the participants to add their own twist to the show.
Dr. Robinson’s SWOT analysis presentation allowed the coaches to view how the first part of the project should be approached.  He made it clear that the initial step is putting together a problem statement.  Identifying the necessities one’s country or sport allows the coach to focus on what needs to be addressed and how it can be improved. The next step involved is developing a mission statement.  Once a mission statement is developed a coach understands the direction he or she wants their program to go.  The final twenty minutes the participants were broken up into groups of three where they discussed their problem and mission statements.  Arilson Silva, Brazil’s National Swimming Coach, stated, “Dr. Matthew Robinson’s presentation was the best for us coaches because it gave us focus for our project.”

Michael Higgins brought the day to a close with his presentation focused on prevention of lower back pain in athletes.  The lecture focused on the anatomy of the human back followed with proper exercises to undergo that will not injure an athlete.

Arilson Silva further commented on the day stating, “Great day today.  There was good information from all the lectures.  This was all important material for all of us coaches.”