2010 News Stories

14 October 2010 Recap

The morning began in room 213 located in Trabant. University of Delaware’s professor and ice arena manger, Jim Kaden, presented on facility and event management. Professor Kaden explained to the group what aspects an individual needs to cover to properly run an event and have a proper structure for a running facility. Along with this material professor Kaden explained the problems and aspects a coordinator could run into and how to deal with them. He also explained that it is very important to carry a notepad, blackberry or tape recorder to keep notes on a daily basis.

Dr. Robinson captured the participant’s attention with his presentation on ethics. It didn’t take too long to get the participants debating with one another. Dr. Robinson explained to the coaches about different philosophies of ethics and how certain individuals act in situations. The participants were able to view what kind of theory/philosophy they follow.

The afternoon session was taught by Mike Williams. Mike William’s lecture focused on children and school. Earlier in the week the coaches were involved in a heated debate on whether or not children should have sports taken away from them if they did not meet the GPA requirement. His presentation cleared the air between most of the coaches.