2010 News Stories

Day # 11, 13 October 2010

The morning began with another panel conducted by Dr. Matthew Robinson.  Today’s panel included four different student athletes from three different sports (women’s basketball, men’s track and women’s swimming).  This was the first opportunity for most of the coaches to interact with collegiate athletes.  The athletes were able to explain what aspects they like and dislike about a coach and their personal experiences as an athlete.  Sidi Bowedi Darma, Indonesian Head athletics (specializing in throws) Coach, stated, “I loved the way Matthew Robinson conducted the interview.  I felt as if I knew the athletes before they even answered a question.”

Dr. William Kraemer based two of his lectures on “Recovery and Regeneration” as well as “Muscle Physiology”.  Dr. Kraemer covered different muscle fibers, muscle contraction, motor units and neurons, muscle recruitment muscle growth and much more.  Bowedi Darma stated, “It is nice to see how to put together a strength program especially for a throwing coach.  Our sport is specifically based on strength.”  Dr. Kraemer continued his afternoon lecture on how to properly recover and regenerate from a muscle injury.

After dinner the coaches gathered in room 231 in Purnell Hall.  Half of the participants were asked to prepare and present a five minute power point presentation.  The material that the coaches covered were their topic they have selected, problem statements, mission statements, strength and weaknesses in their country, threats and intended outcomes they wish to achieve.  Preparing such a presentation lays the foundation for each individual’s project.

Bowedi Darma has had an wonderful experience at the University of Delaware.  “There is a warmness here between everyone: Dan, Jeff, Matt, Steve and all the participants.  The preparation here is very well organized.  The facilities are very nice.  My expectations have been exceeded.”