2010 News Stories

Day # 10, 12 October 2010

The group met in Trabant, a student center, for a panel interview.  Men’s Head Swimming Coach, John Hayman, and Women’s Head Lacrosse Coach, Kateri Linville, questioned by Dr. Matthew Robinson.  The coaches reflected on their philosophy, the importance and responsibilities of their job, game approach and how they interact with their athletes.  Afterwards the ICECP participants were able to direct questions towards the panel.  This was a great opportunity to interact with collegiate level coaches.

There was only one presentation in the afternoon session.  Coach John Schuster enlightened the group on different coaching philosophies.  Throughout the presentation Coach Schuster provided different scenarios and questionnaires that allowed the coaches to view how they would address a particular situation and what type of style coach they are. 

After the presentation the coaches were allowed to go up to their rooms and/or go to the dining hall.  At six o’clock at night they met in the hotel lobby to board the bus to travel to Chester, Pennsylvania for the soccer match between the United States and Colombia. 

Quentin Hall discussed his experience with the ICECP program.  He expressed, “It is overwhelming to go to class from 9 am to 9pm but I have retained that information.  There is a difference between going to school and this program.  I am here and have a passion for this.  After two weeks I am really benefiting from the program.”  He further commented, “One thing about this trip is I have developed friends.  We seem different to others but we really are alike.”