2009 Program News

10/24/09: Cultural Learning Through ICECP

logoICECP has many purposes. It creates better coaches at the national level in countries around the world. It educates participants in a variety of sports science and coaching topics. It gives coaches the power to improve the sport structure in their countries.

It also fosters international cooperation and promotes the ideals of the Olympic movement. ICECP helps coaches from around the world to learn not just about coaching and sport management, but also about each other’s cultures.

The participants of ICECP came to America to learn, but they also did some teaching of their own. Throughout the program, everyone involved gained a great deal of knowledge about sport administration, sport sciences and coaching technique. They also learned a little bit more about the world they live in.

As the participants became close friends, they shared about their homelands and their cultures. Not only did they exchange sport and coaching information, but they educated each other about different parts of the world.

The following is a list of just some of the things that we learned about the nations of the ICECP class of 2009:

ICECP taught each participant how to be a better coach and how to grow their sport at home. It gave them the opportunity and the power to go home and make a difference in their sports’ national structure.

It also created more cultural understanding and allowed 30 people to learn about each other and become friends. The program showed how sport unites people and allows them to learn from one another. Thanks to the class of 2009 for an amazing experience, best of luck implementing your projects!