2009 Program News

discA handful of the ICECP participants were fortunate to visit their International Federations on Friday afternoon.  Harun Sesay (Sierra Leone) and Sid Guzman (Guam) were privileged to go to FIBA where they met with Kevin Bovet from the Development department.  They discussed various possibilities for receiving funding for basketball programs in their respective countries.  “I really appreciate what FIBA does for me and my country, along with the rest of the basketball coaches in ICECP and I look forward to working with FIBA and the development of basketball in the future,” Harun Sesay said about FIBA.  The staff at FIBA put together bags that included coaching tutorials, a FIBA book bag, DVD’s and things that will help the coaches after the program.

A few of the archery coaches were lucky enough to attend FITA, the International Federation for archery.  “It was very promising to visit FITA and here about how much support the sport of Archery receives from them and how FITA is actually benefiting from ICECP since the program is developing better coaches for the sport,” Eddie Ramesar (Trinidad and Tobago) said after visiting the Federation.  Along with FITA, Izzy Zarb (Malta), Majid Waseem (Pakistan), Adam Mohamed (Maldives), and Anastasios Papadopoulos (Greece) visited FINA, the International Federation for Swimming where they discussed the new coaching education program that the Federation is working on.  Patricio Bridgewater (Netherland Antilles) visited FIVB, the International Federation for Volleyball, which was a great experience for him as well.

Rasha Ghoneim (Egypt) will also be visiting FISA, the International Federation for Rowing, on Tuesday afternoon.  The ICECP is very fortunate and honored to be allowed to visit these Federations and it was a great learning experience for the coaches.