2009 Program News

10/6/09: Apprenticeship Sites: Taekwando

The purpose of the ICECP apprenticeship is to send participants to the best facilities and allow them to work with and learn from their sport’s best coaches. And that is exactly what Lam Ting is able to do at the Remarck Sport Taekwondo (RST) training center in Alexandria, Va.

Founded in 2002, RST has used talent recognition, high-level coaching and a one-of-a-kind training methodology to help create three world champions and four 2008 national team members. Ting, the head coach of the junior and senior national teams in Indonesia, works with Patrice Remarck, a world-renowned martial arts master, at RST.

As a competitor, Remarck was an Olympian and a world champion. Throughout his career, he acquired more than 50 gold medals from various national championships, including the US, France and the Ivory Coast.

He is a 6th DAN black belt and, between competing and teaching, has over 30 years of experience in taekwando. He is recognized internationally as one of the preeminent coaches in the sport.

Remarck’s “creative and innovative formulation of coaching integrates scientific theory with practice and makes his approach one of the best in the United States and throughout the world,” according to the RST website. He was named coach of the year, best coach for senior nationals and best coach for the Junior Olympics by USA Taekwondo.  

Ting enjoys being able to work with someone with such an impressive athletic resume.

“I had discussions with [Coach] Remarck and we exchanged our coaching experiences. Every day, I visit his class,” Ting said.

He also observes and works with with Modibo Keita, the 2007 heavyweight world champion, each day during training sessions.

“He is a nice guy, always has a smile on his face,” Ting said. He also added that he has learned a lot from the apprenticeship and that the information he gained helped him to nearly complete his ICECP project.

As Ting completes his apprenticeship at RST this week, many of the coaches and athletes there are preparing and departing for the World Taekwondo Championships in Copenhagen. Ting will be heading off to the US Olympic Training Center to complete the six-week program.

More information about RST can be found here.