2009 Program News

9/28/09: Apprenticeship Sites: Rowing and Fencing

The fencing apprenticeship sites are in Philadelphia, Pa. Peru's national coordinator of fencing, Ricardo Torres, will work with the University of Pennsylvania's fencing program and head coach Andy Ma during his two-week stay in Philadelphia.

Ma is an accomplished fencing coach. Prior to being named head coach at UPenn, he served as president and head fencing coach at the Fencing Academy of South Jersey. While there, Ma coached eight national team members, six national champions and one world champion. During his career, he has trained more than 200 medalists in US Fencing Association, World Cup and World Championship competition. He also has international experience from his time coaching the US Cadet Saber team between 2003-2008.

Torres is excited about the opportunity to work with Coach Ma and the UPenn program.

"I am learning a lot from Coach Ma. He is teaching me new methods and strategies that I like and will use with my athletes," Torres said.

Torres will also spend time at the Fencing Academy of Philadelphia, run by maestro Mark L. Masters. The Academy has produced national finalists in every weapon category and age division, as well as Cadet, Youth and Veteran national team members.

More information about UPenn fencing can be found here and more information about the Fencing Academy of Philadelphia can be found here.




Also in Philadelphia, the rowing apprenticeship site is located on Boathouse Row. Egyptian national team coach Rasha Ghoneim will work with the Pennsylvania Athletic Club Rowing Association (PACRA).

Ghoneim will study under Dana Schmunk at PACRA. Schmunk is a Penn A.C. Elite coach. He was a three-time member of the US National team as a competitor and has coached six national medalists since 2002, as well as 2008 Olympians Micah Boyd and Matthew Schnobrich. Schmunk has been to the Olympics several times, both as a competitor and a coach.

Ghoneim is excited to work with PACRA. She said it is great to work with such a knowledgeable coach and learn how rowing programs are run in the US.

More information about PACRA can be found here.