2014 Apprenticeship Site Blog

Mr. Carlos Gracia, Table Tennis, Puerto Rico

My experience at the moment in ICECP:

First, I am having a wonderful time with the coaches of the program. That is one of the best parts- that I can share ideas, opinions and knowledge. The presentations for the past 2 weeks had very good information and organization. I learned a lot of new things that I want to implement in my country. The first thing is the organization. We as a federation need to be better structures and that is a part than I want to improve.  The other general thing is the training. In Puerto Rico almost all coaches don’t make use of planification or periodization training, so that is very important.

The first day of my apprenticeship has been good. We have a section of practice from 7pm to 9:30pm.  I think this experience will help me a lot. I have so many ideas to implement but I want to keep learning things. I will continue practicing to improve my English. Also today was a bad day for my back, I suffer back pain from an accident. In practice I feel the pain but I hope tomorrow will be fine.

Let’s keep learning

Monday, 6 October 2014

Mr. Khumiso Ikgopoleng, Boxing, Botswana

I really don't know how to express my happiness to be here in this program, ICECP. Its really a great experience and adventure. I am having a  good time in and out of class. I have met lovely and caring people from different countries. I had a great sporting experience from different tutors which will surely benefit development of our sport in Botswana.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Mr. Stewar Velasco, El Salvador, Canoeing


I don't know how to start my blog, because there are a lot of things that I would like to share and talk about. The most important is that my apprenticeship site is changing my life, my thoughts, also it has shown me that I can be a better person.

My day started at 4:30 am taking my shower and having breakfast. At 5:30am Mister Morgan and I went to the Lake. He is my mentor here. He is a very good person, great high performance coach, and has a great family. I can’t imagine being in a better place.

Mr Morgan has a High Performance Team 1, Ages 13 to 16. They are very good guys. It is a group that is very close and friendly, and they support each other, and encourage each other. Seeing their attitudes this morning was amazing.

On Monday I was talking to the President Elect for the canoe/kayak club. He is a smart guy, he has a lot of passion, and he gave me some advice that I will never forget.

Today I was talking to Claudio, the High Performance coach for Team 2 Elite Athletes. He told me that the most important thing in any sport is the base (grassroots).

I can see the order in their programs, step by step. I met some of the members of the Board of Directors. They are very smart people, and have a good sport structure. I am really happy to be here.

I think I can describe how this place is changing my life. The most important thing I have learned is to impact human lives, change myself, and help others.

Mr. Tarif Kutrache, Syria, Basketball

We arrived at Springhill Suites in Ewing, NJ for our apprenticeship at Rider University and everything is good. I am looking forward to working with our coach am expecting the following:
1-observe training sessions and focus more on defensive drills.
2- ask him about his strategy and how he will accomplish his goals.
3- his coaching philosophy.
4- I will ask him if we can do a site visit to a youth team if possible.
5- ask him for recommendations for my project.
6- find how he is treating his players on and off court.

Mr. Maria Victoria Echavarria, Colombia, Archery

You will never imagine what it means to me to be here in Chula Vista at the Olympic Center, learning directly from Coach Kisik Lee and Coach G. Krueger, about the National Training System.

Coach Lee is the most recognized and respected coach in the world. His KSL Shot Cycle has been developed in a scientific way and it is biomechanically correct. That is why USA Archery decided to work with this technique.
In spite of the fact that I am the only ICECP coach, there are two more coaches from the United States, both certified by USA Archery, Mr. Mike Cullumber and Mr. John Kristoff. Working with them has been also very rewarding, because I can relate the lectures we got about clubs management, relationships with parents and other coaches, politics in sports, etc.

It was very nice to meet Coach Lee again. He is a friend of Coach Kim, who was my coach until 2012. We become “friends” in 2011, at the Pan American Games, when I had a very close match with his archer, the 5 times Olympian Ms. Khatuna Lorig. By the way, she is also training here!