2014 USOC OTC Blog - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Monday 13 October 2014

Mr. Eyyad Maghayreh, Jordan, Fencing

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Today was the first official day in the Olympic Training Center. It was a sunny day and we had a tour of various sports facilities in the OTC, which was very impressive.

The first lecture was with Olympic champion Benita Fitzgerald-Mosely. She talked about her Olympic experience, and I asked her a question about mental training and the extent of its importance. She expressed an interest and passion for mental training and said it was very important for her to achieve her Olympic medal.

In the afternoon we enjoyed ourselves by going to the Gym. We worked out hard to take the stress out. I’m looking forward to connecting with my tutor to work on my project.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Mr. Gerusio Matonse, Mozambique, Swimming

The ICECP has given me a big boost regarding my long term coaching ambitions. 
Being around coaches from all over the world and realizing that they face the same problems that I face in my country, if not bigger, has helped me gain more belief in what I am trying to achieve. The interaction with other coaches also made me realize that despite the problems, there are endless ways to to address it and if you have passion and other like-minded people to work with, it is possible to get through it.

Today we visited the swimming governing body in the US and the lessons learned there were very valuable and there are some simple strategies that they do that make them the best sports NGB in the United States. 

The amount of information collected so far is massive. I am sure that if I can implement at least 40% of that knowledge, swimming in Mozambique will have a new face in the next few years.

Ms. Bei Zhang, China, Rowing

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Ms. Tumua Matu'u, American Samoa, Volleyball

I visited USA Volleyball (USAV) this morning and 3 of my colleagues (Bei, Marcello, and Stewar) tagged along.  Mr. Doug Beal, the USAV CEO, was kind enough to spend nearly an hour of his time to answer questions.  We were then taken on a tour of the building.  The staff was very hospitable and helpful.  During our tour we got to see volleyball Disneyland, or at least this is what I termed it.  It is an office space occupied by one John Kessel. Our visit with USAV was quite enjoyable and I would have to admit it was also too short.  I could have spent another couple more hours there with all the questions I had to ask.  Unfortunately the bus showed up and we were forced to leave and with parting gifts from USAV.  I felt very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet with them.  Then there was Anne Pankhurst and she is quite a character.  I felt enormously overwhelmed after sitting through her Periodization lecture so I emailed and asked for a copy of her lecture and furthermore asked for a meeting.  She was kind enough to help so I'll be meeting with her over breakfast tomorrow. Rewinding back to Mike Clayton, I would have to say RESOURCES was key to me from his lecture.  Ibooks and ibook author was also very key and will be something that I will definitely look into.  Clayton's lecture was very informational and though for wrestling, it provided a wealth of information and ideas as to how one may organize or develop its own sports program.  All in all, today was another great day of learning.

Thursday, 17 October 2015

Mr. Danilo Perovic, Serbia, Fencing

This is the best way to promote sport and the value it offers. We have received a lot of quality lectures and information that we can use in the future. There has been very good organization in this program. All of the coaches are like one big family and have a great respect for each other. Everybody was happy when they saw each other again at the airport after the apprenticeship week. There were very good conditions in Delaware, and I spent quality time during my apprenticeship in Portland, and it has been a great experience at the USOTC.

I would like to thank everyone that gave me the chance to be a part of this program.

Friday 18 October 2015

Ms. Ria Ramnarine, Boxing, Trinidad and Tobago

I think after a full week of classes, most of us felt a bit of a brain drain when we got started today. However, as the sport nutrition lecture went on and we became involved in discussions about FOOD, everyone seemed more than engaged! It was interesting to learn just how different yet similar we are as nations, even in our food industries and eating habits.
The trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was such fun! Most of us seemed no more behaved than kids when it came to oohing and aahing over the animals. Jostling each other for that “perfect shot” or trying to scare each other. For some, it was the first time seeing some of these animals in “real” life. Some even went ahead and purchased vegetables just to have the chance to feed these amazing creatures.
The breathtaking surroundings of the Broadmoor Hotel had the group becoming expert photographers! What beautiful scenery! We were even privy to a wedding taking place, with a band of Irishmen in their full regalia! Many fun moments were experienced with the guys and gals photobombing each other’s pics, some posing regally, others making funny faces. It became time for a siesta came and we all had a nice, relaxing time sitting outside the Hotel Bar, sipping on coffee, hot chocolate and other beverages. It was a fun end to the week J