2013 USOC OTC Blog - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mr. Keith Ollivierre, St. Vincent, Soccer
Sunday 20th October, 2013 was the day of travelling. We were heading to the United States Olympic Center in Colorado Springs to begin the third part of our course - Module III. The morning from the Delaware Embassy Suite was chilly. The journey to the airport was good, had a whole seat for myself. The flight was smooth until we were approaching the airport, there were a lot of clouds but we landed safe. We moved from a chilly to cold weather in the matters of hours. Meeting up with my brothers and sisters from another mother and country was once again a great feeling.

Mr. Shahid Nazir, Pakistan, Rowing
Today is the last day of the ICECP module II Apprenticeship; we came back last night from Princeton University, New Jersey. We stayed in the Nuevo Inn located in Delaware for only one night. We all wake up early in the morning. Breakfast was not as that good which we are used to have in Delaware during the first module of ICECP but any way we all packed our luggage’s quickly and left the hotel at 0945. Dr. Mathew Robinson, Mr. Jeff Schneider, Mr. Drew and Miss. Brittany Baker was already in the lobby of the hotel to pick up us for the Philadelphia Airport to take our flight to Denver and then to Colorado Spring for our III module of the ICECP which will be start from October 21, 2013 to November 01, 2013. It was a nice one hour drive to the Philadelphia Airport. We all checked in, Flight was taken off at about 1340 hour and after 04 hour flight we arrived at Denver Airport under the super vision of Miss Brittany Baker. Miss Regina Hartman was already in the baggage Claim area for receiving us and then she lead us to good 1.30 hour drive to USOC Head Quarter in Colorado Spring. It was a cold evening with rain, light snow and heavy wind. Everyone was in good mode. 

As soon we arrived in USOC training center Miss Regina lead us to the front desk for registration. After registration we received an accreditation card, with this card (use of the card as key to enter anywhere in the USOC training center) we can enter in the dining room, in the hostel and also in our residential area. After having a good dinner in the dining hall, then Miss Regina provides us the schedule of the ICECP module III which will be start tomorrow morning at 0845 in the gold room of USOC training center. We went to the accommodation area (building No.87 second floor) all participants was very tired after a long travelling. It is a sharing accommodation and Mr. Abbas Samimi from Iran was my roommate for next two weeks in room no 209.   

Monday, 21 October 2013

Mr. Martin Oppan, Ghana, Taekwondo and Mr. Einars Pimenovs, Latvia, Judo

This morning there was a great reunion of a great family of the 2-13/2014 ICECP participants here at the United States Olympic Complex. We had a warm welcome from USOC by Benit Mosley Fitzgerald and introduction.
After the short ceremony all participants had a tour of the Olympic Training Center. We had a great time to see all the magnificent facilities available at the OTC everyone was impressed about what we saw.
After the tour there was a presentation session by all participants based on apprenticeship experience during the second module of the ICECP.
At 1:30p we had a presentation by Dr. Peter Vint on Deterministic Modeling and it was an interesting session as we didn’t want him to leave even when his time was due. Our next presentation, which was an active one on Planning for Performance by Dr. Fin Kirwan.
Today has been a lovely and happy day as we chit chatting about our apprenticeship experience and making fun at any given opportunity.
All credit to ICECP

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Mr. Thabelo Ranthona, Lesotho, Athletics and Ms. Teina Taulu, Cook Islands, Canoeing

Colorado Springs really put it on for us on our arrival with SNOW, rain and freezing cold weather!
But it got better, for the next 2 days we were blessed with sunshine, warm weather and snow on the distant mountain tops. It was great to see everyone again after our apprenticeship week – like greeting long lost family members – sharing stories of our adventures last week.

So, today we had 4 amazing lectures – Energy Systems, Recovery & Hydration, USADA/True Sport and the one that really surprised me was using the Rate of Adaptation to Guide Training. Initially, I thought Dr. Sokolovas lecture (Adaptation) was going to be “out there” for me, but surprisingly, I understood what was being said. Alicia and Susie’s lectures on Energy and Nutrition expanded my limited knowledge, but showed me how I can maximize energy systems and efficiently recover for the next event. The last lecture with Jennifer from USADA was enlightening and very entertaining. I’m sure she felt challenged with all the statements and questions that were coming her way. But that’s the depth of our group – not afraid to question and challenge what’s out there, to assist the development of each person’s community.

It’s going to take a while for all this knowledge and information to settle in the brain, but I look forward to sharing it with my colleagues back home and explaining the reasons for why we do things.

And the food – very, very nice – a wide variety of healthy and tasty options at every meal.
And, Drew – your absence is noticed, but you will feel the family’s love again on Sunday.
Thanks ICECP and USOC – it was a great day.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Mr. Shahid Nazir, Pakistan, Rowing

It is a nice sunny morning and we wake up in routine at 0600 hour and went to the gold room of USOC training center after a good breakfast for our next scheduled lecture. All speakers are very good in their respected field and also very friendly.  We learned a lot with practical experiences as well. It is a great experience to be here at USOC training center Colorado Spring. All the respected Coaches are very much involved in the course. We all (26 National Coaches of 26 Nations) are living here like a one family which is a great sign for future relationship in between us. Thanks to everyone as my course mate (All Faculty members, Management, Speakers, USOC resident Athletes and Coaches). 

Friday, 25 October 2013

Ms. Tshering Choden, Bhutan, Archery and Mr. Keith Ollivierre, St. Vincent, Soccer

It was just another day of attending classes. The sessions were rather interesting and by the wink of an eye it was over. The night was rather interesting because we went out to get a taste of the night live which wasn't too bad.

Mr. Gregory Colmenares, Philippines, Swimming
After about nine hours of travelling from Baltimore, we finally arrived in Colorado Springs and brought to US Olympic Training Center and had a brief meeting with our host. There we again met new friends and admired the facilities. Next day was devoted to touring the facilities, watching some of the athletes train and mostly get used to the place and rules of the place.

The next couple of days were composed of more classroom lectures by experts and more presentations on sports psychology, sport nutrition, discussions. By this time some of us had not yet acclimatized with the altitude and were experiencing some slight headache.  We made sure we are always hydrated to ensure we cope with the climate which some of us in tropical countries have not experienced.

The food in the training center was excellent! I love the food were the athletes and coaches can go back for more servings mostly at any time during the day. This helped me go through our everyday hectic schedule.  Tuesday and Thursday was workout in the gym with some coaches and watching NBA basketball in Denver Wed night.

Saturday was very much free time and rest. Using the free time, again work on our project presentation for discussion with our assigned tutors who will be introduced to us on Tuesday next week. On Sunday, we have a little rest and recreation were bowling will be the social activity for the night. Looking forward to it and meeting my tutor and discuss my project next week.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ms. Maria Fajardo, Guatemala, Fencing
Hello again, Now I have the opportunity to address you again and for the last time to all my colleagues of the 6th ICECP, we are in the last stage of the preparation but in the beginning of a challenge in our countries, it looks like a hard work but the result is worth it.

I´m glad that during these five weeks I had the chance to meet all of you, we are all different people, but these differences have created a different impact on my life and I think also in the lives of all in one way or another, because we have in common the desire and passion to fulfill our goals, starting with this project in which we work with such dedication to seek a small change in the improvement of our sport but also our country.

Over the past week we have meet important people, who have shared with us much information, work methods, time, knowledge, experience and so much more, is why we must not forget the way we learn, so we must share with all the people that we can all the knowledge that we learned and always leave an important mark in every human being, as we taken now.

For sharing all that you know, thank you all, speakers, colleagues, tutors and specially organizers.
I hope to see you all in Laussanne on April 2014, so see you all there.

Mr. Titus Elien, St. Lucia, Athletics
This is the seventh day at the USOC and I must say it has gone well. We are receiving valuable information to build upon what we learnt in Delaware but most of all we are having a good time at USOC. The past weeks have been very good from the lectures to the outings. A few new coaches joined us in the program and are coping very well. We have had group work assignments which have gone very well. We were placed in groups for one of the assignments; my group was named ‘The Islands’ which consisted of Matthew- Fiji, Teina- Cook Islands, Keith- St Vincent and the Grenadines and me- Titus – St Lucia.

The assignment presentation went very well and since then we have kept this group intact for other assignments.
On Saturday we went to the coffin races in Manitou Springs and to Garden of the God Park Excursion. It was a fantastic trip and some of us witnessed /experienced a Halloween Festival for the first time. It was great. The characters were quite life like and we had fun taking pictures with them and of them. I must say a special thanks to our drivers for the day, Ms Regina, Ms Britney and Ms Molly. They did a fantastic job of it. THANK YOU.

Today (Sunday) is a down day and most of us are doing different things, some went shopping, others went to the mountains and some worked on their project while the rest caught up on some sleep. I did a little bit of sleeping and working on my project. I am looking forward to the final week of the ICECP course not only because at the end I am going home but because I am anxious to return to St Lucia to share what I have learnt with my fellow coaches and to complete and implement my project. I must say ‘Thank You’ to all my fellow coaches, ‘ICECP 2013’. It has been great and a pleasure working with and alongside all of you- BLESS

Monday, 28 October 2013

Mr. Cedric Finch, South Africa, Swimming and Mr. Einars Pimenovs, Latvia, Judo and Ms. Susmita Islam, Bangladesh, Taekwondo
Today Monday28 November 2013, started off well energized as we went off Campus to attend a session at the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association). Here we attended 2 classroom (lecture) sessions. The classroom sessions were soon replaced by an on the field warm up and a full hands on field session. Here after we were back into the Gym, to be instructed how Suspension training is done using TRX. The afternoon training started just so intense as we soon found out the role of a Sport Technologist.

The afternoon ended with an amazing new tool for the Coaches toolkit. It came in the form of the International Coaching Enrichment Certification Program: Developing Coaches. 2 dynamic ladies, Sarah and Barbara from England, facilitated the session. The tool is the LEARNS planning tool.  It was a day filled with lifelong learning experiences.

Thank you so much

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Mr. Thabelo Ranthona, Lesotho, Athletics
It was a good Tuesday morning with some morning breeze. First we started the day with OVER-TRAINING lecture and the last lecture for us here in Colorado. I found it to be very important for me; it was the best way to end the lectures on that high note.
Again, today marks the most important day in the history of ICECP 2013 participants as we are going to meet with our tutors in preparation for the project implementation. I wish everyone a happy and fruitful day as we countdown few more days before we part ways to our respective countries. Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe journey back home.

Thursday 31 October 2013

Mr. Nozim Muminov, Uzebekistan, Swimming

Today is the last day and it seems to me the project was too long and at the same time it was too short. We are like a big family these days as Dr. Robinson said and I absolutely agree with him. We got more info than we could imagine before coming to ICECP. Today everybody did their best in the presentation and we will have a lot of interesting work in our countries before hopefully reaching Lausanne. I hope that each of us will able to finish his project and present it. And now we are looking forward to the farewell dinner tonight!

Finally Thanks to our tutors, coordinators and Dr. Robinson and his staff.