2013 University of Delaware Blog

Sunday 29 September 2013

Mr. Shihab Aldin Al-Riyami, Oman Volleyball and Mr. Meseret Beyene, Ethiopia, Athletics
At the morning Dr. Robinson gave Orientation for us and well-come ceremony was held.  Candidates through guidance of staff members held campus visit from the UD.  Ice Break Activity was held at football pitch & competition was held among candidates

Monday, 30 September 2013

Mr. Yuri Calderon, El Salvador, Rowing
It was the third day in Delaware, we started the classes and the firsts expositors were really good. They showed us their experiences of all their work in their lives. It is good to hear people sharing good experience and try to show the better ways to reach their goals. The rest of our time, I continue to get to know the rest of the coaches in the program.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Mr. Gregory Colmenares, Philippines, Swimming and Ms. Tshering Choden, Bhutan, Archery

After a long flight on Saturday, September 28th, we finally settled in our rooms at the Courtyard Marriot hotel inside the University of Delaware. We couldn't wait to start our first session of the ICECP program. On day one of the start the ICECP, we learned a lot of important stuff from the best experts in Sport Management and Science

Beside from meeting new friends from the different participating countries, we enjoyed meeting and interacting with University students who spent time with us during dinner.Tuesdays lecture from the experts provided us a very positive and fruitful experience as well as learning the latest trends in sports sciences and athlete development.

We are still looking forward and till next session.

With warm regards

Mr.Gregory Colmenares
Miss.Tshering Choden


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Ms. Sirsa Dudu, Jordan, Basketball

Hi everyone! I am really happy to be part of the ICECP, and this is my first visit to the states. I am so impressed and overwhelmed by everything around me. The university of Delaware is the perfect place to host this program. The facilities are amazing and the teaching staff is so professional.  This is our forth day in the program and we started the day by having an interesting lecture about sports concussions and we ended it at 9:00pm by visiting the Morris Library. I miss Jordan, my family, and my basketball team. And would like to wish my girls best of luck in the upcoming championship!





Mr. Hector De la Torre, US Fencing Coach, United States of America

Today was the 4th day of the ICECP Program and day by day I find myself more excited about it. I have been learning a bunch of new things from the speakers, presenters and also from the others coaches in the program. It's amazing how many things I’ve learned from their different experiences, cultures, and sports.
As the days pass all the coaches have got to know each other and the atmosphere in the classroom is getting better. Today was an interesting and busy day. We had very knowledgeable presenters throughout the day, and at the end of the day we learn how to use the research system at the library.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Ms. Maria Fajardo, Guatemala, Fencing

Hello everybody!

I want to share with you all about the Program, the University of Delaware, and about United States of America.

Everything is not the way i thought it was, it’s so much better! I’m sure that the information, documents and material we are receiving will be useful for the daily work in our countries.

I have been getting to know people around the world, with different cultures, different language, different colors, but with the same objective for each of our countries. With the same spirit of learning and sharing what we are, and what we know.

It’s a unique opportunity and everything has been so special here, that it feels like home.

We are on way now. We have to keep going 6th ICECP 2013... it’s been a pleasure meeting you all..

Mr. Titus Elien, St. Lucia, Athletics

Today’s classes were quite interesting, and I was happy to learn all the information about Biomechanics II by Dr Scott Riewald, which was a continuation of yesterdays lecture. Learning about the kinetic chain and how one weak link compromised the whole chain was quite insightful. Core stability is a refreshing topic and shows how there are other ways to strengthen the core instead of the traditional sit-up. The second lecture on emergency management by Mr. Dan Watson was quite useful; learning to use the right equipment to analyze injuries was helpful. All the coaches showed an interest in learning about emergency management, even the coaches who had prior knowledge on the subject. The interest shown by the coaches was encouraging. We learned about fractures, dislocations, and how to do on the field evaluation. The afternoon session on PowerPoint went well with each coach learning how to set up their own PowerPoint. After that session was over coaches proceeded to do research on their project topics by searching for literature for their individual projects. The day concluded with dinner and the scheming of past projects to get insight on how to proceed with our own projects.
All in all it was a day well spent.
---- Titus

Friday, 4 October 2013

Ms. Susmita Islam, Bangladesh, Taekwondo

First of we are thankful to USOC and NOC. We stay here from 28th September. Since that day we have learned lots. Today is 4th October we have learned about our presentation, discuss our self and about how to handle our athlete’s parents. The evening session was fulfilled with team-building exercises among tutors, coaches and students. This turned out to be a beautiful evening with the weather playing along. Time really flies .This brings to end our first week of ICECP program.
Susmita Islam

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Mr. Maciu (Matt) Koroitamana, Fiji, Athletics

Had a visit to New York today. It was a good time. I pull off from the group with my friend Thabelo from Lesotho due to my knee problem and took the trip down town by one of the sightseeing tour group for $30.00. Manage to see a lot of good places including the 911 Ground Zero Memorial; saw the Statue of Liberty, the navy warship along the Hudson river etc, etc. Also visit the Central Park and spend sometimes window-shopping afterwards.
It was a good trip. Had lunch at McDonalds before we head back to UD.

Thanks to our UD team for the arrangements and support.

Looking forward to the coming weeks. Miss my family heaps.

Mr. Idi Lewis, Guyana, Table Tennis
It felt good to get away after a long and hard week especially to NYC. NYC, has been a home away from home for lots of years when i was training and competing so it was nice to be back. I did a bit of sight-seeing with my roomie Yuri seeing this was his first time. Highlights - 1, almost got in a fight with Yuri because he wanted to walk from 34th st to the World Trade Center because the map he had showed that it was close. I eventually got him to take the subway and after about 10 minutes on the train he realized walking wasn't a good idea lololol. I got a hair cut from a barber who claim to be the best but he turned out to be one of the worst lolol.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Mr. Nozim Muminov, Uzebekistan, Swimming
It has been an interesting first week of education, the University of Delaware has exceeded all my expectations. I have been meeting up people from different points of the world, different cultures and religions. But the Olympic movement is uniting all of us closely. Also, I have been hearing various opinions of common problem solving. Finally, I want to thank for this opportunity to participate in ICECP.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mr. Einars Pimenovs, Lativa, Judo
New day - new expirience. Prevention Strategies for the Low Back .
Hello everyone. Today is new day of knowledge. and again we had interesting classes. We were speaking a lot about back injuries and a lot about human core. Also a lot of topics like: Core stabilizing system, Trunk Stabilizers, Target Muscles, Rotators and Intransversari, Longissumus, Iliocostalis and Multifidus group and much more interesting and useable information. Thank you Dr. Michael Higgins. Second professor was Dr. Avron, as always he was great. We were speaking about athletes testing - a lot of new ideas occured from these lectures. Third one was Dr. Williams with lesson's topic: Student-Centered, Education-Based Athletics Program. Awsome time spent. And end of this day as yesterday was with a lot projects presentation. Coaches are great and their light, hopeful ideas is charming. Good luck everyone.

Thank you very much. With best regards, Einars and CO.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Mr. Shahid Nazir, Pakistan, Rowing Coach

We are in a Hotel named, the Courtyard Marriot, University of Delaware, Newark.  It was a pretty good and freezing morning, but also sunny as well. At the breakfast, in the dining room we had an option of various kinds of food, drinks and desserts. Then we all had a nice 10-minute walk towards Trabant Hall in the University of Delaware, Newark under the supervision of Brittany Baker and Drew Regino for the lectures and Mr. Jeff Schneider was already in the classroom with his smiley face. The first lecture was on the topic of ‘’The Developing Athletes’’ by Dr. Ian Hennessy. It was very informative and interesting for all of us.  The second lecture was on “Mental Preparation’’ By Mr. Robert Shillinglaw and was also very practical and interesting and finished at 12:30. On the way back we had a bit of laugh with each other. It is a great opportunity for the participants to be a part of the ICECP, which is consists of 26 coaches from 26 different countries around the world.  We all went straight back to the dining room for lunch which is good every day.

Once again we went to the classroom for second session of the day in ‘’Courtyard Marriot’’ where Dr. Matthew Robinson was already busy for the preparation of the lecture on “Promotional strategies for growing the game at grass root level’’ and he was very well prepared with his confidence and up to date knowledge. (At the end of lecture there was Question-and-answer session). We all are very inspired from the way he delivers his lecture to us which is appreciating. The second lecture was given by him as well which is on ‘’ the talent code‘’. The delivery of the lecture was excellent and unbelievable for all the participants. Schedule of the program was finished at 1700 hours. It was cloudy weather outside but not very cold. Everyone was busy to prepare his or her Final Project presentation. Thirteen participants delivered their project proposal tonight and rest of tomorrow. After the dinner we all are went to the classroom in ‘’Courtyard Marriot’’ at 1900 hours for the final session of the day, all the participants present their project successfully. Special thanks on the behalf of my NOC and Pakistan Rowing Federation for the IOC, USOC, University of the Delaware and the faculty of ICECP for giving us the opportunity to attend this wonderful program.

Mr. Keith Ollivierre, St. Vincent, Soccer
My day started off with a cool walk down to the Trabant Center where I listened to two (2) thought- provoking and enlightened sessions.  Then, the weather changed from being cool to cold which was real skin – biting. The other sessions were held at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Salon B.  The Class day ended with some memorable thoughts: Mental performance of an athlete is as important as the other aspect of his/her preparation and must be focused on a lot more. A successful athlete has both a strong willingness to learn and the right attitude to train.  The importance and sustenance of any Grassroots Program lies in Proper Strategic Marketing tactics/techniques.  The day will surely go down as an historic experience for me. “Learning never stops!”

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Mr. Thabelo Ranthona, Lesotho, Athletics
It was a rainy Thursday morning. Everyone was getting ready for the lectures as usual. We took the bus to Kirkwood room in the Perkins Student Center where we were to have our class. Our classes resumed as planned and what was even more important is that it started before the anticipated time. During tea break, we went down to get something from cafeteria but I did not get anything because I found them too expensive. I took a walk around to tour the building; this is when I saw a happy team of young ladies from Microsoft. I then learned about Microsoft products and the latest windows operating system, i. e. Windows 8.1 and what is different about it as compared to the previous versions.

The next lecture commenced at 1100hrs. It was again one of the most important lectures for me and I enjoyed it. As usual, Jeff was there to introduce the lecturer. A happy team of people who love their work I must say: Britt and Drew, I salute you guys for your undying support and guidance. Keep it that way. After lunch we had another lively session together with Dr. Robinson’s students. What an experience getting to know American culture from young motivated athletes. It was again amazing to hear how students themselves think about issues that surround sport on daily basis. Thereafter it was a time to head back to our base for another session on sponsorship project proposal assignments. Again it was another session that helped me to get an idea on how to write down a winning proposal.

It is good to have people of Dr. Robinson and Mr. Schneider’s caliber in sports because it is with their idea that 26 nations from 6 continents around the globe are gathered together here, exchanging ideas with a vision of making a difference into their sport at their respective countries. Drew and Britt are always there to give their best assistance when a need arises, with a smile on their faces, I will always cherish these moments.
God bless those who always strive for bringing change into others’ lives.

Ms. Teina Taulu, Cook Island, Canoeing 
Weather has turned, it’s cold and wet – I miss my sunny Paradise. We’re catching a bus to our lectures, which were held not far from the library. The lecturers have been really passionate about their topics and delight in sharing their knowledge. Had a special combined class today with Dr. Robinson’s Ethics students. It was cool and the discussions were enlightening – showing how our different cultures have molded our “code of ethics”. Let’s keep sport clean and look after the health of our brothers and sisters in sports. Our last class for the day – sponsorship presentations – hmmm I wonder whom the sponsor went with in the end!

Meitaki maata (big thank you) to Dr. Robinson and his team and all those that have made this course possible. It has been an amazing experience and look forward to the Apprenticeship week and Colorado Springs.
Kia orana e Kia manuai

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Mr. Yuri Calderon, El Salvador, Rowing

Yesterday the first module ended, we had the day off and everybody spent this day in diferents activities. I am excited because tomorrow we are going to travel to our different apprenticeship and I think that will be a very good experience being in the middle of the training of the national rowing team and to get experience of the head coach. In my time at Princeton I had a really nice experience and it very important information to help with my project and my job.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Mr. Gregory Colmenares, Philippines, Swimming
It is Sunday and we had just arrived in Baltimore after a couple of hours drive from Philadelphia. We spend the night at the Mt. Washington Convention Center and proceeded to meet with John who is director of operations for the North Baltimore Aquatic Club (Michael Phelp’s swim club). John gave us a tour around the club and explained its history. We get to meet with Coach Bob Bowman and His asst. coaches during training time of their high performance teams and had the opportunity to observe and interact a little bit with the coaches.  It has been a very fruitful experience for me meeting all the different international coaches in the ICECP program.