2012 Apprenticeship Site Blog

Mr. Eric Banda, Basketball, Zimbabwe, Sunday 14 October 2012
Today, we said good bye to our apprenticeship sites and headed to the USOTC in Colorado Springs. We checked in the dorms and a lot of excitement was involved as we came back together and shared or experiences and also showed off with our memorabilia’s from our different sites. Later on in the evening after dinner people were’ busy preparing their group presentations so the buzz was short lived. It was a quiet day overall, we looking forward to our stay in USOTC.



Ibrahim Yahuza, Taekwondo, Nigeria, Sunday 14 October 2012
As scheduled Sunday 14th is the final day for our apprenticeship all coaches are expected to depart for the final phase of the program in Colorado Springs. To have a hitch free trip we did our booking online courtesy of our colleague Shuhua Dai the night before we left.  So at 4:00 A.M we were at the Hotel lobby to check out. We left for the Fort Lauderdale airport twenty minutes after four in our rental car. After dropping our baggage at the Frontier Airline desk we went through the normal security checks this time with special attention on me. On board I met a guy Collins native of Virginia whom I had a lengthy discussion with on matters relating to the purpose of being in the United States, my country, culture and people.  We had a wonderful conversation finally, he assured me of coming for vacation next year to Nigeria. All through the trip I was pre-occupied with the expectation at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado hoping to meet my colleagues and tutors. It was a moment of reunion meeting the basketball coaches at Denver International Airport where we finally boarded for Colorado Springs. It was a befitting experience gained during the week long apprenticeship learning and sharing and most importantly taking what we have learnt to our respective countries.

Mr. Vancho Stojanov, Athletics, Macedonia, Saturday, 13 October 2012
This was may last day at Pennsylvania State University, I have a great 5 days here visiting the all sport facilities with world leading quality and measurements arenas. I met with such great athletes with great performance, elite Penn State Coaching Staff what they shared their experiences for each Track and Field disciplines for us, leading by they great Director Beth Alford-Sullivan. What I want specially to say thank you is for the warm welcome, which we had in the past few days here in Penn State. Thanks for the education; method of work, and the experience was shared with us, which we will need for our proving as coaches in our sport in our countries. Thank you ICECP what gave us the opportunity to be guests in Pennsylvania State University and to enrich our knowledge and experiences. Dear fellow coaches, I hope you have a wonderful time, dear ICECP administrators greetings to you all! See you soon in Colorado!

Mr. Eyad Makanai, Table Tennis, Jordan, Friday 12 October 2012
It was a great and unusual experience that I had during my time in ICC table tennis center in San Jose. The most important feature of this Center is: It’s based on promoting the table tennis game in the region through interest in young ages and work to develop and teach them all the basic skills that this sport needs. There are a good number of highly qualified coaches that have diverse experiences and work within one training strategy and have common objectives that had been planned under the supervision of the head coach who owns all the authorities with regard to technical matters, and despite of the powers that the head coach owns he discuss with his assistants through regular meetings all of aspects and objectives that are related to the short or long term development and finding all means to ensure that players in a good training environment.


Ms. Shuhua Dai, Taekwondo, Chinese Taipei , Friday 12 October 2012
TGIF! After evening training …we went to sport bar for dinner with Coach Beneby and some students and parents. It was great time to chat with Coach Beneby. We talked a lots about training, sport organization, financial, athletes, coaches etc…I got many consideration from him. As a grass root coach and national team coach, I understand how tough he is. I was really enjoying chat with him; I have some consideration same as him, and I got many inspiration from him. We will meet again in world team cup next month, hope we have chance to exchange more experience each other.





Ms. Marjane Malikumu, Volleyball, Zambia, Thursday, 11 October 2012
Hi, here in Princeton.  We are doing fine before today's women’s session.  We had tour on the campus buildings and training fields.  The women’s team is going out of town tomorrow and Saturday for some games.   Training was good and after each session we had talks with the two coaches who are very helpful and receptive. Training session began at 4; 30pm to 6: 30pm.  We went for dinner and went back at 8 pm to 9:30pm for men's weight workout session. We are having a nice time. Gained a lot of information .my other coaches will send you pictures.

Mr. Modou Njie, athletics, Gambia, Wednesday, 10 October 2012
Today, I woke up at 6.20 a.m. in a very cool weather in Penn State which lies in a low land just like a valley surrounded by mountains with a pretty good landscape. After breakfast we call for a taxi and take a ride to the University Campus and have a meeting with Dr. Dave Yukelson in his office. Dr. Dave Yukelson a sports psychologist have work with the team USA for 25 years and have equally become the first sports psychologist in Penn State University. In a brief discussion with Dr. he advise us as coaches to show commitment and carry out practices, have training goals and goals for competition. In the preparation skills he did mention the ability to learn to relax and teach your athletes to relax and visualize with self-taught for it can help them to perform much better. On coaches’ ethics he talks about the coach being a teacher and must have values, confidence, good communicator, and good listener and must have a passion. The discussion was concluded with question and answer and we both thank him for sharing his experiences with us and close it with a group photo. At 12.30 p.m. we had a roundtable discussion with Penn state coaching staff at 105 white building. They give us their background and training opportunities they have through seminars and educational programs for coaches. The round table was all centered on our experiences as coaches and method of improving our coaching philosophy. 2.00 p.m. runs the afternoon session and we had a meeting and observe practice with Coach Kelly at indoor track. Coach Kelly had a successful session with his athletes and we really found it to be very interesting. Good team work better athlete relationship and everything when well............As the day runs by we are PENN STATE. 

Mr. Luis Pèrez, Table Tennis, Peru, Wednesday, 10 October 2012
The ICECP continues to be a fantastic experience. Now, each of us are in different places around the U.S. seeing new places and experiencing more skilled practice of our sports. In our case, the table tennis coaches are in the ICC Table Tennis Center, the most important training center of U.S. in which develop the future Olympic players to the country, Chinese and Indian coaches led by an experienced Italian coach in most than 1000 square meters and 22 tables are certainly the best conditions to develop table tennis here. We have all day theoretical sessions in the morning and afternoon practice sessions, excellent place and excellent program again. The city of San Jose in California, in the heart of the famous Silicon Valley, the “ cradle” of computer and information technologies: Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Goggle, Yahoo, etc, are some of the big companies that are very close to here and of course, the famous bridge “ The Golden Gate”, one of the most impressive places of the world that we have the opportunity to know. Thanks again ICECP for this wonderful experience.


Ms. Shu-Hua Dai, Taekwondo, Chinese Taipei, Tuesday 9 October 2012
The second day of apprenticeship site, we went to training center which is headquarter of peak performance TKD. And training center is located in warehouse; I cannot believe that, it’s really cool!! Headquarter director Moreno is 2012 USA TKD team coach, he is now with 4 athletics in Pan America championship in Sucre, Bolivia. Two Olympic national team members also from this training center, Terrence Jennings and Paige McPherson, Terrence Jennings also won bronze medal in the men's -68kg division at the 2012 Olympic Games in London(I was refereeing one of his match, ha ha, cool!! ). We are lucky to be here. Master Russell show us some off-season training which develop athlete’s fundamental ability. I really enjoy his training style; Evening session was consisting of 4 parts, basic movement training, target training, light sparring, and some physical training. I felt like back to my athlete life. I really miss that, ha-ha. I’m looking forward to see next day coming!!


Mr. Sinisa Marcetic, Athletics, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tuesday 9 October 2012
Today was one of the best days since my coming to USA and since I started ICECP PROGRAM. We started today with a roundtable discussion where we were introduced to some of the top athletes of the Penn State University. Such as Joe Kovacs shot put 4th at USA trails 2012, Casmir Loxsom , one of the best American runner at the moment on 800m with personal best of 1 45,20 , Kirsten Nieuwendam Olympic participant at London 2012. After that we had chance to share with those athletes their experience and listen, what it take to become a champion in competitive country like USA. This was really interested and helpful special for our project. After short break we had Campus Tour with Jess and we visited Peen State museum. Also we got chance to visit one of the biggest stadium in the world. Beaver Stadium is an outdoor college football stadium in University Park, on the campus of The Pennsylvania State University. It is home to the Penn State Nittany Lions of the Big Ten Conference since 1960. Stadium has an official seating capacity of 106, 572, [ 5 ] making it currently the second-largest stadium in the Western Hemisphere and the fourth largest in the world. The last part of today was reserved for meeting with Coaches Sullivan and Coach Gondak. Today they had training session with cross country team and it was last hard training before the important race for Penn State cross country team on Saturday. We spent time with Coaches sharing an observation about athletes training. Finally, I would like to say, staying at Penn State is really amazing experience and thank you one more time to ICECP for sending Athletic team here and of course thank you Coaches from Peen State for taking part in ICECP program.

Mr. Mohammed Alghareeb, Swimming, Saudi Arabia, Tuesday 9 October 2012
Today is the 2nd day of the apprenticeship in Baltimore. The day began with Miss Cathy Bennett, who is the Director of Michael Phelps Swim School. She introduced us to the school and the levels of teaching program, then we saw a class training, after that we met Mr. Jon he is the director of North Baltimore Aqua Club and he showed us a video about the History of Michael Phelps. We went to attend a class of 16 year training With Mr. Eric and Mr. Chris.


Ms. Yu Fang Yuan, Athletics, Malaysia Monday, 8 October 2012
Today, we met with Pennsylvania State University Track and Field staff and were welcome by Director of track and field Beth Alford-Sullivan. We all were happy and grateful for the opportunity. We had a wonderful tour of their sporting facilities and all was excited of what was seen ,we all me with the coaching staff wants more for lunch and the discussion was on track and track in our countries , thank to Jess and Megan for a work well done. The afternoon was just great with our first practical session by coach Spence, the high jump, triple and long jump, men and women coach. The session was a great learning experience for all and the athletes was very happy with us present .The indoor track is one in the best in the country and we able to observed some of the other athletes training . I am thankful to ICECP and Penn State for making it happen, and looking forward to tomorrow.

Mr. Mohammed Al-Sheeb, Swimming, Qatar, Monday 8 October 2012
Friendship is a crown on our heads. In last few days, I met some people from around the world, now my best friends, real that I miss them all. We are here in Baltimore the 1st day was little bit hard on us. It was Sunday and every thing was closed. We meet a lot of people who were very kind to us. They explained where to go and guided us. The 2nd day, we met john Cadigan Director Of Operation in North Baltimore Aquatic Club, he welcome us and give practical and us briefed about the life in Baltimore in general in North Baltimore Aquatic Club We discussed a lot about swimming life in USA he explain to us how is the life here in North Baltimore Aquatic Club and the history of it, after that we have our daily schedule which we will be on it the next few days.

Ms. Likeleli Thamae, Taekwondo, Lesotho, Sunday, 7 October 2012
Hello, on Sunday we departure from Washington to Florida and we had a wonderful trip indeed. Then on Monday at 1200 noon we met master Russell he welcome us and we had long discussion with him, he explain and told us how we should deal with athletes from the grass roots to the level of senior play where he/she is read to compete He also told us about the peak performance training how it is good to the athletes. Later on we met master Jeff Doty he was training athletes from the age of 4 to 7 then after 30 minutes from the age of 8 to 10 later on, around 0730pm athletes from10 to senior level. It is a great pleasure to be hear because we gaining more experience which we are going to implement to our various countries. Thank you so much.

Ms. Carolina Vera-Vera, Tennis Suriname, Sunday 7 October 2012
Today was the day all coaches travelled to their apprenticeship site. My apprenticeship is with the USTA at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. I started my morning very early leaving to the airport at 5 am. I had good company from my taekwondo friends as first. The excitement of New York actually started in the plane. From the airplane before landing I was able to see the beautiful tennis center. Seeing those beautiful courts sparked some excitement and could not wait to get closer to the courts. Once I arrived at the hotel I started searching on Google maps to get familiar with the neighborhood. I was able to walk around and ended by the tennis center. Arriving at the national tennis center I had another great moment. I was able to watch a Division 1 collage ladies tournament. The first team I saw entering the building were the girls from University of Delaware. I was able to meet with head coach Laura Travis and we were able to talk for a while, took a picture, shared some information and exchanged contact information. All I can say that my week started very well and I feel very positive in having a productive learning experience this coming week. I want to wish all my colleagues the best during their apprenticeship.



Mr. Felipe Flores, El Salvador, Rowing, Sunday, 7 October 2012
To end this holiday weekend, the group went to Washington DC Capitol of the United States of America ,we stayed at the Hyatt Hotel in a very nice area call Crystal City. We attend the traditional city tour visiting the most important monuments such as the Capitol, the Pentagon, the White House and the Washington Monument. On Sunday the farewells start very early to our apprentice sites,my group was traveling to Princeton 5 coaches , Marjane, Nedzad, Gibreel, Eardly and I traveled to our beloved Delaware to wait for Tim to take us to Princeton in New Jersey, 90 miles from Delaware. We arrived at the hotel at night and went to dinner at a restaurant BIG FISH really nice dinner, we just had too much McDonalds this weekend jajajaja. We finish the day between joys and sorrows for the separation of the group but full of optimism for this new week, I hope everyone made ​​it safely to their destinations and looking forward to be together again in Colorado Springs. We would like to thank Jeff (2) and Tim for driving the van safely jajajaj
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