2012 USOC OTC Blog - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mr. Felipe Flores, El Salvador, Rowing, Tuesday 24 October 2012
Today was our last night in Colorado Springs , it was a very special day, that starts with the final presentations of our projects it was very nice to see, all the changes that we have made to the original projects and the advances that we have achieve. At the afternoon we have Dinner at a very fancy Hotel, we have a lots of fun and we dance arabic, spanish, and all kinds of rythms from our continents, the party did not finish there jajajajaja, after that some of us went out to the after party and it was incredible fun. Friends, brothers wish you all the best in our journeys and see you in Laussane in may 2013.

Ms. Carolina Vera Vera, Swimming, Suriname.Tuesday 24 October 2012
At the moment it is 6 am and I have been bright awake for a couple hours. Even though it is the last day and each of us are about to travel back to our own countries, it is amazing to feel the positive energy that we receive from one and other. The last day of the course the staff organized a very nice closing dinner for the ICECP team 2012. After eating, the ICECP class participants started the program by expressing their gratitude. Phellipe from El Salvador spook on behalf of the entire group and he did a fantastic job. One thing I will never forget was the amount of teamwork we had in getting our little presents of gratitude together. We gave our tutors and our staff leaders a small gift which was personalized by placing our signature. Small gift but we did it with all our hearts. After the closing ceremony we expressed our joy through music and dance. Ghada from Palestine had a wonderful demo of her dance and music. It was extremely amazing to see how every single person in the room supported her by clapping our hands with the beat of the music. The entire night and even this bright early morning we kept wishing each other the best by sharing sincere encouraging words. Personally, I believe that this program created a memory of a life time and for sure we all feel part of the ICECP family. The sense of belonging and the feeling of personal growth all start with the positive energy from the team of leaders within the program and not to forget the sincerity of the tutors.
Thank you very much. Take care everybody.

Ms. Ghada Baboun, Swimming, Palestine, Monday 23 October 2012
The countdown have started, in less than one week everyone will go back home, it will be sad moments saying goodbye, but sure we will keep the hope to see each other again in Lausanne. Talking about today, we spent all morning with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA); it was great since we didn't do much training while we were at the University of Delaware and in the apprenticeship sites. After waiting to meet my tutor, I finally did today and it was great, he inspired me, gave me lots of information about my project and  gave me the power to work more on it, I realize how important to meet with the tutor

Ms. Eva Novalina T. Butarbutar, Gymnastcs, Indonesia, Sunday October 21, 2012
This morning our "free time" until 1 pm. Excited to go to church. I went to church together with Marjane and Jeniffer. There we met with Carrolina Bayon and family. My soul is peaceful. I praise and worship the Lord. The Word of God restores my soul. Thanks my Lord.
After lunch we went to see the Cave of the Wind.
We really enjoyed this opportunity





Mr. Eyad Makanai, Table Tennis, Jordan,
It's a great experience to be in OTC in Colorado Spring, where I felt the attention span to their Olympic athletes by providing good nutrition and health potential that allow them to control good willingness of athletes before they go to competitions and work to build teamwork and good communication between them to represent the country to the fullest, and I’m lucky to share what the athletes are feeling in this place. Regarding academic aspects we have many scientific lectures that have promoted what was introduced in Delaware. Last but not least I would like to extend my sincere thanks for Dr. Robinson, Jeff, Carolina and all others who have given us a fantastic hosting.




Mr. Gonzalo Remiro, Weightlifting, Uruguay, Friday 19 October 2012
Today is our last Friday in the United States, in the morning we have a very nice lecture about Training Model Design and other lecture about overtraining. In the afternoon we made our presentation about sports psychology, the professor was very impressed with the quality of the presentations that all groups performed. After this, Paula and I have a meeting with our tutor (Dragomir Ciroslan) to talk about the project. Next week will be a very busy week because we have the last two presentations, anyway; I’m enjoying the time here.

Mr. Nedzad Osmankac, Volleyball, Serbia, Thursday, 18 October 2012
I'm still under the impression in our apprenticeship in Princeton. Once again I want to thank university of Delaware, ICECP, USOC for a great opportunity to go at such a prestigious university and spend several days with Volleyball. Today we had several very interesting lectures by Anne Pankhurst, Peter Haberl, Sean C. McCann and one of the most interesting developments was the homework for the working groups and their presentation on nutrition with Susie Parker-Simmons. Yesterday I was in the USA Volleyball Association where President Doug Beal spent a beautiful morning with as and we learned about how the USA Volleyball Federation operates. We met all employees and really nice time; our host honored with gifts and a memorable experience. Thank you ICECP!!!!

Mr. Kazem Al Balushi, Basketball, Oman, Wednesday, 17 October 2012
Apprenticeship week with 3 excellent different basketball experiences
American University, Head coach – Jeff Jones men’s basketball, Head coach- Matt Corkery women’s basketball and Associate head coach. Kieran Donohue men’s basketball.
They are really very excellent people before I am talking about them as coaches in AU. They have been very helpful coaches with us during our time in AU. Done a lot of things just to help us in our mission to gain more information about basketball that can help us in our career we attend all the men’s and women’s training season they told us about their philosophy with the team how they work with the players to been a good person in the life before they take their way to the sports field we learn a lot of skills and new drills that we can used it with our team to build young players many thanks to AU.

2012 DC Wootten Basketball Clinic Bishop O’ Connell High School from 5 to 6 October 2012 , 8 coaches give us information about their philosophy how to teach the basketball fundamentals ,their philosophy about the training season and individual drills to work with all the players.

NBA – Washington Wizards, we meet vice president of administration Mr. Tommy Sheppard he inteduce us to the coach and management , attend the traing session and match againts Knicks. It was really nice expereince .

Thanks to all for very usefull week in apprenticeship!!

Mr. Eardley A Martin, Volleyball, St. Vincent and the Grenadine, Wednesday, 17 October 2012
The day began with very cold altitude as is normally the case in Colorado Springs. Mouth dry, nostrils a little blocked as I tried to begin another day. First on the program was a visit to all NGB. The eleven disciplines were divided and visited their respective sport facility. The volleyball team of Nedžad Osmankać, Marjane Malikumu and I (Eardley Martin) visited the USA Volleyball facility in Colorado. The team was very exciting to meet the staff including Matt Podschwett, Diana Cole, Douglas Beal and John Kessler who was celebrating his birthday. The team was also accompanied by Eric and Stephens two USA coaches attending the Colorado session. The after sessions were exciting with two dynamic presentations from Susie Parker and Melissa Lewis. The coaches were broken up into five groups to work on a study on nutrition for Thursday’s second group presentation. Coach Stephens from the USA took the three visiting coaches and Eric to dinner to celebrate John Kessler birthday. HAPPY birthday John have a long and enjoyable life.

Mr. Washington Vargus Fuentes, Basketball, Colombia,Tuesday, 16 October 2012
Today, I woke up early. The day was fantastic, sunny. At 8:30 Eric, Daniel, Tanxin, Kazem Ibrahim and I went to USA Basketball in the company of Jennifer Schenk. At first we got lost a bit, but then we found our way. Greeted by Carol Callan and made a tour of the facilities, saw trophies, shirts, shoes, autographed photos. It was really exciting. Carol made a presentation about the organizational overview of USA Basketball.

Then we returned to the training center and returned to school. Today has been a fantastic day.



Mr. Daniel Augustine, Basketball, Cayman Island, Tuesday, 16 October 2012
Another successful week at the ICECP. The apprenticeship sites were such a wonderful experience that one would not get if they were not a part of this program. The ICECP not only offers sound knowledge and opportunities about different aspects of coaching, but also helps to build relationships with persons from different parts of the world. We all believe that the experiences we shared today (the first day at the USOC site) were very insightful. The presentations were so vivid, it was as if we were there at the respective sites with our colleagues. Even though each participant spent time at different sites, we could all relate to each others experiences. This is the beauty that sports creates, experiences that are wonderful and fulfilling. Once again, thanks to the ICECP staff, USOC staff and the Olympic Solidarity for affording me with this wonderful opportunity.

Ms. Shuhua Dai, Taekwondo, Chinese Taipei, Monday 15 October 2012
First day class In OTC, All coaches gather again and nice to see all back and study together. We had OTC tour in the morning, and Athletics panel in the afternoon and some specific class. Especially, every sport group share their apprentice experience each other in the last class before finish, I got some more different information from them. It was awesome! We started third module this week, and I’m sure it will be excellent days in coming weeks and look forward...:)

Mr. Robert Butler, Taekwondo, Bahamas, Monday 15 October 2012
Leaving Miami to Colorado. Our wake-up call is 4 am to catch the 7 am flight to Denver then on to Colorado Springs. We leave the hotel 4:30 am and arrives at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport at 5 am, we deliver the rental and headed to the ticket counter. We were given our boarding passes and headed through TSA and to our gate. While waiting for our connection in Denver at gate 56, who should appear but our comrads from other discplines, what a surprise to have seen them. To our surprise our flight was delayed an hour, another hour to kill, what fun is that. We boarded at 12:40pm took off and landed into Colorado Springs within 40 minutes. The lovely lady who met us drove us to the USOC. Once we arrived at the OTC got situated with paper work and credentials and was shown to our sleeping quarters. We got situated in our rooms, looked around a little then a few of us took a walk to Wall Mart, again as if we didn’t have anything else to do, but it was good to explore, bought a few items and headed back to the USOC Training facility headed for a bite to eat and back to my room to unpack for the next two exciting weeks with the entire gang of the e ICECP group.
What a great day.