2012 University of Delaware Blog

Mr. Paul Crook, Fencing, Australia, Friday 5 October 2012
A bitter sweet day, the end of our stay in Delaware and the start of our weekend in Washington. Basketball had an early start. Good day not to be a basketball coach. The rest of us had time to say farewell to the people who made Delaware our home away from Home (the canteen staff).Then after a little paperwork and a lot of time trying to fit all of our UD clothing into our suitcases it was time to go. The bus ride provided a well needed rest, especially for those involved in the international basketball game the night before We arrived at the hotel around 4 and were touring town with Jen by 5. After dinner in Chinatown we all went our separate ways. Some to shop, some to party some to sightsee and some to sleep. Determined to squeeze as much out of my time in DC as possible I went to see the monuments under light and with clear skies it was fantastic. A great start to the weekend.

Ms. Shuhua Dai, Taekwondo, Chinese Taipei, Friday 5 October 2012
The last day in University of Delaware, something needs to do still. Preparing our apprenticeship stuff and taking some paper work. It was great when I studied with many coaches from different countries. Through these 12 days, I got lots of concepts that I need to updated and enriched, and exchanged experience from different event. I ’m so glad that I have great opportunity study with great friends, OC staffs and professors; I’m ready to next stop, see you in Colorado Springs next week.



Ms. Yuan Yu Fang, Athletics, Malaysia, Friday, 5 October 2012
It was a wonderful experience, from the moment I arrived to United States and what I found from warm welcome and good outstanding and appreciating, especially when I met Dr. Matthew and Mr. Jeff Schneider. So from the first lecture till the last one after two weeks we had many sport science theories, it was very helpful for Coaches and have completely changed my thought on athlete developments because of the fact that the lecturer has provided an adequate practical materials which will remain a long lasting experience for us to apply on our athletes back home taking in consideration all kinds of aspects for long term athletes development. Thanks ICECP it was a great experience that I will never forget.


Ms. Ghada Baboun, Swimming, Palestine, Thursday, 4 October 2012
Talking about today, the group is preparing to depart tomorrow for it is the last day at the University of Delaware, so now the group first two weeks is over, and now we will spend the weekend in Washington, DC, for site seeing and visiting some of the US fine historical and memorable buildings. After an intense two weeks the participants of ICECP organized a basketball game on campus which I was a part of. It was very interesting because many different sports and coaches took part which made the game more interesting. In general ICECP has given me a lot of things to think about, and some of these things are: learning about different countries and cultures, lectures that gave me a wealth of knowledge to take back home with me. The staff at the ICECP is very organized with the program structure, which is very motivating and has created an atmosphere that the entire group can learn and enjoy each session that took place.



Ms. Eva Novalina T. Butarbutar, Gymnastcs, Indonesia, Thursday, 4 October 2012
Today is our last day of study at Delaware University. At the last session in the evening, the presentation of the sponsorship is very interesting because each group offers a different program. We can learn from each program has to offer and learn how to get sponsorship for the program that we offer can be run in accordance with what we have planned. Finally, we have completed Module 1 of the four modules in the program ICECP. Tomorrow we are going to Washington and can take a break to enjoy the holidays. THANKS LORD.



Mr. Kazem Al Balushi, Basketball, Oman, Tuesday, 2 October 2012
A new day in Delaware, it is my pleasure to be with my brothers around the world in ICECP program. We really are all enjoying our time and gaining a lot of information, which will help us in our mission when we return back to our countries. Many thanks to people of Delaware, the University of Delaware and all the people who organize this program.

Mr. Ibarhim Nahid, Basketball, Maldives, Tuesday, 2 October 2012
I have been a huge fan of Steve Nash and the Phoenix Sun’s offense. Meeting Mike D’Anthony at the first day of the ICECP. It was a huge wow. And to know that we are meeting up with him at Washington camp is really amazing. Today, we spend morning at Trabant University Center listening to Dr. Henessy on "Stages of Athlete Development" followed by Mr. Shillinglaw’s "Mental reparation." This topic was really interesting as we know the importance issue but we still don’t give so much time and effort to develop the area.  Afternoon, we return to our den hotel’s meeting room where all our lectures took place. Dr Robinson once again tested our ‘ethics’ with Organizational power & Politics. Followed by the review of our reading project ‘Talent Code’ this is really interesting. We wrap up the night with the project presentation from colleagues who didn’t go up on the first round. So, far the experience has been great, making friends from all corners of the globe. One thing I learned from our group is how much different we are, we have so much common.

Mr. Gonzalo Remiro, Weightlifting, Uruguay, Monday, 1 October 2012
Today was a very special day, in the morning we had a very interesting Coaching Panel Discussion and Sponsorship, Marketing & Fundraising lecture, and in the afternoon we met the training facilities of the University of Delaware. Finally, in the night, we heard the presentations from 15 of our fellow; tomorrow my turn to do my presentation. This day  was a wonderful experience.

Mr. Tenxin Jatsho, Basketball, Bhutan. Monday, 1 October 2012
The day started with a very good breakfast and a bit of excited to be back to class room and as expected it was indeed an interesting one as usual. We had three coaches for the open discussion and we had exchanged several questions and answers. It was interesting because we could get information and wider ideas when we interacted with them. After lunch we went down to the south of the campus and it was very surprising to see many different sports fields. Honestly for me, it was astonishing as I have never seen so many in one go. At that time I was just praying for some of those fields to be there in our country " Bhutan". My eyes were not even blinking when we were moving from one field to another. In this blog I want to take the opportunity make a wish for every country have such facilities in their respective country. May god bless us and the sports lovers. Later after the tour, we went to the athletes physiotherapy centre, we gained as expected gains allot of knowledges on treating athletes in various injuries. After the class was over rushed back to the hotel for dinner and saw every one so excited and nervous because we are to do the presentation. The session was another interesting one and again gained a lot of ideas. Every one enjoyed the session and now few of us are worried as we have our share of presentation tomorrow. However I consider my self luckiest amongst the lucky ones.

Mr. Nedzad Osmankac, Volleyball, Serbia, Sunday, 30 Sepetmber 2012
After a successful week spent with ICECP where we have a lot of new information and hear some new views and found some new ideas, we had accepted the Saturday morning free to visit the Morris Library, which has left a fantastic impression on me, and continue my research and in the afternoon we went to the volleyball game (as this is my sport). I would like to thank Dr. Matthew Robinson and Mr. Jeff Schneider as we prepared so pleasant and enjoyable visit to one beautiful invent . Special I would like to thank  Dr. Matthew Robinson for detailed information that helped me to crystallize my ideas for my project. Today was a little rest day and the relaxing Sunday morning we slept a longer as necessary to recharge batteries for the new working week and shopping was quite fun, we contributed a nice mood and we enter the second week of a major optimism for our projects! Shopping has been very successful in the Christiana Mall , Wallmart and Best Byy. We bought various gifts for kids, family, friends so we spent a great Sunday afternoon! Later in the afternoon of 6-8 pm. Dr. Matthew  Robinson  gave final instructions to our presentation in PowerPoint and we start working in the new work week.



Mr. Washington Vargus Fuentes, Basketball, Colombia, Sunday, 30 Sepetmber 2012
Today was a day of rest. I got up at 9:00 am andwent tobreakfast at 11:00 am. We gathered in the lobby to go by bus to various shopping sites. We went to Wall Mart, Christiana Mall, and Best Buy. All coaches bought gifts for their families. I bought a camcorder. It was a sunny day but it was raining when we got back. In the afternoon we discussed projects and reviewed with Mr. Matthew Robinson. It was a great day, I really enjoyed it. Good evening everyone and enjoy this new week.

Mr. Daniel Augustine, Basketball, Cayman Island, Sunday, 30 September 2012
Day 7 in Delaware and the week was very interesting – It has been a very extensive week.  As coaches we have a responsibility to encourage, empower and also influence persons in our programs. Learning about the different countries and meeting persons from diverse cultures has been fun and I am definitely looking forward to learning more. Each day I am better informed about a different country and am able to understand how each country operates.  Meeting Mike D’Antoni was a remarkable experience, being blessed with his presence and him sharing knowledge about how to become a better coach has definitely brought insight. The food is great here at the University of Delaware but in order to not gain too much weight we managed to start a little work out group. Shopping today was enjoyable; thanks to Corey Johnson for chaperoning the group today, no one was lost. No one is celebrating a birthday today but pretty sure we’ll hear that someone is celebrating a birthday soon – hope I will be around to celebrate with whoever that may be. As the new week approaches I’m definitely looking forward to another knowledgeable week. Dr. Robinson and Mr. Jeff Schneider have been very informative and communicate the aspects of coaching very professionally like-wise the other professionals involved with the course.


Mr. Eardley A Martin, Volleyball, St. Vincent and the Grenadine, Saturday, 29 September 2012
The day began early for me as I tried to catch up with some reading. Most of the participants forgot that the dining room opens at 11 am and not 7am, oh that also included me. At about 2pm Robert Butler from the Bahamas, Marjane Malikumu from Zambia, Likeleli Thamae from Lesotho and I visited the Morris Library to continue research work for our individual project assignment. At about 610pm the participants gather at the front of the Courtyard-Marriott and journey to a sport facility to witness’ a female Volleyball match, Blue Hens VS Panthers. Blue Hens had a real good night blowing away their opponent 3 sets to love (25:17-25:19-25:20)-Go BLUE HENS-Good luck with your next game on Tuesday.

Mr. Robert Butler, Taekwondo, Nassau Bahamas, Friday, 28 September 2012
Ahhhh Friday morning, waking up so early here in Delaware to a early breakfast in the crowded cafeteria but enjoying my time and meeting all the other nations, then its of to another full day of interesting lectures. We break for a few minutes and grab another eye coffee, too much coffee and back to work we go again. A few hours go buy, then we are off to a pizza dinner party at one of the local watering holes down town main street where we meet some of the of the students that attend University of Delaware. After a filling, more than a few slices of cheese and pepperoni and a few glasses of cola we head out for a walk about the streets of down town Main Street to walk off the pizza.
All in all it was a good night and a good week. “SUNDAY A REST DAY” and a little bit of shopping. An enjoyable and memorable time.

Mr. Eric Banda, Basketball, Zimbabwe, Friday 28 September 2012
Today was a great day the weather was good, food was good and people’s bonds amongst each other have become stronger as how everyone was excited as we wished Carlos Felipe (El Salvador) a happy birthday. Corey even gave us the secrets on why the USA’s women’s soccer has been successful over the past couple of decades. Dr Tom Kaminski gave us a great insight on concussion and now I believe we as coaches r now well versed on how to identify and react to concussions. We also had a great lecture on strength training from Mr. Jeff Schneider and capped our day with a discussion on what we had covered over the course of the week which was facilitated by Dr Matt Robinson. Then we capped off the day with a pizza night with the University students and Mr. Schneider’s wife and son. It’s been a great week and looking forward to recharging. The tallest coach with the shortest future coach!!


Mr. Ibrahim Yahuza Nigeria, Taekwondo, Thursday 27 September 2012
It was a wonderful experience, on the 5th day of the ICECP Program, as usual the day’s schedule started at exactly 9:00 A. M with presentation from two notable scholars in the personality of Dan Watson, MEd, Head Athletic Trainer at UD and Dr Mathew Robinson. I must confess that the first lecture on Emergency Management for Coaches have completely changed my thought on athlete emergency handling simply because of the fact that the lecturer has provided an adequate practical materials which will remain a long lasting experience for us to apply in saving the lives of our athletes back home. Dr. Mathew also put us through “Ethical issues on sport” and “Project development” highlighting the importance of SWOT while finishing the day with Introduction to Power Point at UD IT Center. Really ICECP is a course with difference.

Mr. Mohammed Alsheeb, Swimming, Qatar, Sunday 23 September 2012
During last two days I meet a lot of friends, different nations, Culture, languages… we became a big family, people here in Delaware kind and help full. I meet with tow students from UD on our 1st day during ice breaker activity I was very happy they have a lot of questing need to be answered, I am rely happy to be here and looking forward upcoming days with big smile on my face. The lectures in the previous days was vary exiting with Dr. Matthew, Jeff , Carolina and the rest of the team. In the end I would like to thank all how assist me to be here in USA at UD with ICECP program.

Mr. Eyad Makanai, Table Tennis, Jordan, Wednesday 26 September 2012
From the moment I arrived to United States and what I found from warm welcome and good outstanding organization, especially when I met Dr. Matthew and Dr. Jeff. I found care from them and desire to provide me with all comfort that I can get, and that made me feel like I know them since a long time and this has had a significant impact on the next days after when I met all coaches. I felt that we are all related to each other like a one big family. And for the lectures that I had on the last 3 days I found it very interesting by showing the willingness of this program to provide all the values in the science of training and a clear vision that stems from the Olympic spirit in order to use all possibilities to upgrade sports in our country and provide possible solutions to the problems and obstacles that stand in the way of ICECP vision.

Mr. Kerlon Peters, Grenada, Athletics, Wednesday 26 September 2012
It’s really amazing how we as a small island can grow in a sport without having so many things that can be consider being important factors that will help develop and individual talent in a given sport. However sport is must more than individual or group. Sport is the heart beat of a people, sport is the school of life in a society, and it is the vision of a people. At the University of Delaware, ICECP program my experience so far has open my eyes as the presenters challenge us to think outside the box as one mention you have to go side yourself to find yourself as he was talking directly to me. They all are very experience in the field however I can listen to Dr Brad DeWeese, from the United State Olympic Committee for days as he presents on Training Theory. Here are some of it that have me dreaming; if you want to be fast you have to be strong first and strength should be develop as the first component, there are many more that we know and peach daily. How the development of all round athletes are the main aim of training and to me most important how sleep and rest greatly improve performances and so many more have me wanting to hear more. People that was yesterday .Today long term athlete development (L.T.A.D) by Mr. Richard Way better and no one looking away, just great am now completely outside the box . I am bless and grateful for the opportunity to be here and can wait to learn more and pass it on to all.

Ms. Marjane Malikumu, Volleyball, Zambia, Tuesday 25 September 2012,
The day began with much expectations of receiving from the presentation on sport science and it was wonderful to me because all my coaching experience, l had not had this chance like this one knowing how science can be applied in sport and the importance of each coach to have this knowledge. This has opened my mind set on how the human being behaviors in certain motions in biomechanics.my fellow participates asked so many questions that were educatational. It was a great day for my friend Likelelie and I, good meals, tour round the campus and meeting other coaches and students from UD.

Mr. Luis Pèrez Pinelo,Table Tennis, Peru, Tuesday 25 September 2012
The ICECP has been a fantastic experience. This morning I woke up pretty tired because yesterday was a very long day and we stay more than 10.00 pm with Dr. DeWeese asking for more information about training theory and periodization strategy. The sessions today was also wonderful, all of them talking about the ultimate in sport science, items that we need to learn if we want to get success in Long Term Athletes Development. Psychology and Biomechanics lessons with Dr. DeWeese and PHd David Barlow was excellent, the presentations and explanations were really that we expect and more. Here we can learn a lot from each other and there is a great atmosphere in class, everybody come with a lot of hungry of knowledge and all ICECP staff are doing his best work to calm that. In this program, 32 national coaches from all the world are looking for doing his best and get success for their nations and their sport, and that its really motivating. I am very happy and grateful to stay here.

Mr. Modou Njie, Athletics, Gambia, Tuesday 25 September 2012
Today I woke up at 5.30 am. I later did my normal prayers and give it back to God who have given us life yet to witness another day. I went to the dining hall with my roommate and join other participants in the hall. Our lectures started by 9.00am on Physiology which i found to be very interesting. The facilitator have actually help me to improve  my knowledge on basic human anatomy and physiology in relation to exercise and training. In the afternoon after having my meal which was delicious and well prepared i walk back to the class to have my afternoon lectures. The facilitator who made his presentation on Biomechanics has change  my life and coaching philosophy to be a better coach in the future. He have given me the knowledge which is power to shape my destiny. After the lectures i walk to down town to buy a simcard to call my family,friends and love ones.what i actually like about the ICECP Is we all divide the task to bring about success.

Mr. Sinisa Marcetic, Athletics, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monday 24 September 2012
I would like to share with you my experience from ICECP and University of Delaware. On Monday 24 September, the opening ceremony started at 9:00am in the morning with 31 participants from 31 different countries. First we had a group photo, shortly after that we had the privilege to meet Mr. Mike D’Antoni, the U.S. men’s basketball assistant and former NBA head coach. He was the speaker at the opening ceremony of the fifth edition of the International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program (ICECP). This evening we also had a class, with Dr. Brad DeWeese from the Olympic committee of USA, we learned about Training Theory. Today was very busy day and we finished our class at 09 30 in the evening, as I wrote above we started at 9 00 am. I'm very excited about the program and the coaches I meet here. I am sure that I will use the time that I stay in the USA to share information and ideas with other coaches. Today was a great day for me.

Mr. Mohammed Alghareeb, Swimming, Saudi Arabia, Monday 24 September 2012,
In the morning, I woke up at 6:30 am. Around 7:30 am I went to breakfast and at 9:00am the ceremony was opened with Dr. Robinson. Some of the other keynote speakers were: Carolina Bayon Director of international cooperation and policy, US Olympic committee, Mike D’Antoni, US basketball Olympic coach, and Dean Bruce Weber of the UD Lerner College of Business and Economics and Dean Kathy Matt from the College of Health Sciences.. Classes also began this day with Dr. Robinson leading the first class with the "Olympic Movement", Ms. Heather speaking about her Experience with ICECP and Dr. Brad about Training Theory. I'm very excited about the program and the coaches that are here, where I get to share and absorb information about coaching styles & develop ideas about different aspects of coaching ideas. SO IT WAS AWESOME!!