2011 Program Overview

The University of Delaware and the US Olympic Committee have partnered up again for a fourth year of the International Coaching Enrichment Certification Program (ICECP).

The program provides coaches with intensive education that consists of lectures, projects, guest speakers, participant presentations, group work, field trips and project planning. It is funded by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Participants in ICECP are all national-level coaches in their home countries. The Class of 2011 is comprised of coaches from 31 nations, 5 continents and represent 10 sports.

The 2011 course will include topics include sport nutrition, sport medicine, injury management and prevention, sport psychology and physiology, sport administration and coaching methods.

The program is being conducted in partnership with Olympic Solidarity, which provides financial assistance to National Olympic Committees around the world.

"We are looking to build on last year’s success,” stated Matt Robinson, program director. “The faculty was incredible last year and we had a committed and passionate group of participants who have returned to their native countries and have made impacts at the grassroots levels all the way up to the highest levels of competition in their respective sports. We cannot be prouder last year’s group and we are excited about working with the new group."

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