Dr. David Barlow
University of Delaware

David A. Barlow, Ph.D., is presently a faculty member in the Department of Health and Exercise Sciences at the University of Delaware where he is responsible for teaching and advising undergraduate/graduate students in areas concerned with Exercise Science, Biomechanics of Sport, and Functional Human Anatomy. Recently, he completed a half-year period of administrative service as the Interim Chair of the Department of Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Sciences.

As a faculty member in this department since 1973, he has been responsible for teaching and advising undergraduate/graduate students in areas concerned with Exercise Science, Biomechanics of Sport, Functional Human Anatomy, and extensive China Study Abroad Programs during Winter/Summer sessions. In the previous decade he served as the former Program Director/Department Chair guiding curricular, facility, and faculty development in support of rapidly expanding degree programs in the Exercise/Movement Sciences. For example, he was a former co-founder of a Sports Science Center (Human Performance Laboratory) that was created in the late 1980’s and was initially instrumental in serving as a catalyst for faculty creation of graduate/undergraduate programs of study in Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology during the 80’s and 90’s.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and Health Sciences from the University of Connecticut in 1963. From 1963 to 1968, he served on active military duty as a commissioned officer in the United States Navy. Following the Persian Gulf War in 1992, he completed an active affiliation of 28 years with the Naval Reserve receiving meritorious commendations and awards while serving as Captain and Commanding Officer of several different Armed Forces Units recalled to active duty. With the aid of a United States Office of Education (USOE) Research Fellowship, Professor Barlow received a Master of Science degree under Dr. Richard C. Nelson in Biomechanics of Sport at The Pennsylvania State University. In 1973, he was awarded his doctorate in Biomechanics and Human Anatomy from Indiana University where his mentors were Dr. John M. Cooper and Dr. Sherwin Mizell.

Professor Barlow, in addition to the teaching of undergraduate and graduate courses in biomechanics and human anatomy, was initially responsible for the development of a high degree of curiosity within our department concerning selected mechanical aspects of dynamic human performance in sport. He has also previously served as the Director of the Performance Division of the Association for the Advancement of Sports Potential (AASP), a former public foundation located in Pennsylvania. The primary purpose of this foundation was to aid in the scientific development of amateur athletes and in the prevention of high stress related injuries in the equine industry.

His early principal research interests dealt with the biomechanical aspects of sport science/medicine. Over the years he has been the author of numerous professional papers presented in various scientific journals/proceedings. Extensive presentations of scientific work (60-70+) have been given at professional meetings on a regional, national, and international basis. A dynamic speaker and respected professional, he was frequently invited to give talks and present research papers at national symposiums and sports medicine seminars all over the country. In more recent years he has been invited to serve as a visiting professor and guest lecturer teaching Kinesiology and Sport Science at Beijing University of Physical Education and related Chinese institutions. Since 2003 he has been the co-recipient of several U.S. Department of State grants for the promotion of international relations through sport and education involving countries that include Turkey, Senegal, and India.

Dr. Barlow is married to the former Jean R. Hamill from Manchester, Connecticut. He and his wife have two adult children, Jennifer (Banks) and Jeffrey, and currently reside in Hockessin, Delaware.