ICECP Graduates and Participants for All Classes


Mr. Artwell Gororo
Country: Zimbabwe
Project Title: Development of Grassroots Development Program for Volleyball in Zimbabwe



Ms. Jocelyne Kabanyana
Country: Burundi
Project Title: Development of Long Term Athlete Development Program For Volleyball in Burandi



Ms. Varaniesese Maraiwai
Country: Fiji
Project Title: Development of a National Volleyball Coaching Education Program in Fiji


Mr. Patricio F. Bridgewater
Country: Netherlands Antilles
Curacao Volleyball Federation
National Volleyball Team, Head Coach
Project Title:Establishing and Managing a Volleyball School


Mr. Size Vardhan
Country: South Africa
Head Coach: SA Senior Women's Team and Technical Director
Project Title: The Development of a Long Term Athlete Development Program for Volleyball in South Africa

Ms. Inguna Minusa
Country: Lativa
Sport: Women's Volleyball and Beach Volleyball
National Youth Team
Project Title: National Beach Volleyball Development Program



Mr. Kenneth Lidise
Country: Fiji
Women's National Team Head Coach
Project Title:
Grassroots Development Program for Volleyball Athletes in Fiji



Foo Yeon"Franco" Liu
Country: Malaysia
Women's University Head Coach
Project Title:
Long Term Volleyball Development in Malaysia 2011



Mr. Muharam Mchume
Country: Tanzania
Club Coach
Project Title:
Education and Development of Coaches and Officials for Volleyball in Tanzania



Ms. Marjane Malikumu
Country: Zambia
National Women's Volleyball Coach
Project Title: Program to IncreaseParticipation of Female Volleyball Players and Identify Players who have the Potential to Become Club Players



Mr. Eardley Martin
Country: St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Head Coach Junior Female National Team, Assistant Coach Senior Female National Team
Project Title: Strategic Plan for the Introduction and Development of Fencing in the Public School of Santo Domingo



Mr. Nedzad Osmankac
Country: Serbia
Assistant Coach
Project Title: Qualitative Analysis of the Setters in Technical and Tactical Activities

Mr. Shihab Aldin Al-Riyami
Country: Oman
International Volleyball Coach Instructor and Sultan Qaboos University Volleyball Coach
Project Title: Development National Volleyball Coaching Education Program