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Employee Merit (EM) - Owners and Final Approvers

Below is a list of Owners and Final Approvers for Employee Merit (EM). Owners receive all EM information first and decide who else will view or determine merit pool distributions. Final approvers are last in the routing to approve and then send EM information to Records Management.

Please review this information to ensure all individuals are accurate. If you have changes or questions, please contact

  Unit Owner Final Approver
Office of the President
  Office of the President Wilson,Patricia Wilson,Patricia
  Intercollegiate Athletics/Recreation Eatough,Scott Zaidy,Eric
Vice President and University Secretary Garland,Jeffrey Garland,Jeffrey
Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations Hill,Debbie Taylor,Monica
Vice President for Communications and Marketing Harris,Sharon Hayes,Deborah
Vice President and General Counsel Hill,Lori White,Lawrence
Executive Vice President and University Treasurer
  Executive Vice President and University Treasurer Hudson,Chris Douglass,Scott
  Vice President for Finance & Administration Hudson,Chris Douglass,Scott
  Vice President for Information Technology Jacobson,Carl Jacobson,Carl
  Executive Director for Campus and Public Safety Simpson,Yvonne Homiac,Albert
  Associate Vice President for Facilities Fogg,Patty Singleton,David
  Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships Weir,David Weir,David
  Chief HR Officer Bloch,Anna Lapenta,Tom
Office of the Provost
  Office of the Provost Bottorff, Peggy Bottorff,Peggy
  Senior Vice Provost for Research and Strategic Initiatives Riley,Trudy Riordan,Charles
  Vice President for Student Life Gilbert, Michael Gilbert, Michael
  Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education Huber,Lisa Richards,James
  Non-College Areas Bottorff,Peggy Bottorff,Peggy
  Office of the Deputy Provost Huber,Lisa Ardis,Ann
  Office of Admissions Bottorff, Peggy Bottorff,Peggy
  Office of the University Registrar Bottorff, Peggy Bottorff,Peggy
  Library Brynteson,Susan Brynteson,Susan
  College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Hutton,Kathryn Reiger,Mark
  College of Arts and Sciences Smith,Dee Watson,George
  Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics Proctor,Nancy Somers,Linda
  College of Earth, Ocean and Environment Kirchner,Dieadra Target,Nancy
  College of Education and Human Development Miller,Timothy Okagaki,Lynn
  College of Engineering Cook,Chris Ogunnaike,Babatunde
  College of Health Sciences Villermaux,Susan Matt,Kathleen
Administrative Users
  President Only Bloch,Anna Douglass,Scott
  Board of Trustees Bloch,Anna Douglass,Scott
  Disability Only Bloch,Anna Bloch,Anna

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