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Soil-Part of Section II


Containing the Official Copy
of Soil Maps for
Sussex County

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Data Source Explanation
Soils Legend Acreage and Proportionate Extent of the Soils Report
Nontechnical Soil Descriptions Report
Use and Management of Soils Description (Interpretive Ratings)
Crops and Pasture
Land Capability Classification Description
          Cropland Interpretations (Yields per Acre) Description
                    Table B  Land Capability and Yields per Acre of Crops and Pasture
          Prime Farmland Description
                    Table Y Prime Farmland
          State Wide Important Farmland
                    Table Y1 State wide Important Farmland
          Highly Erodible Land Description
                    Highly Erodible Land Classification Report
          Forest Productivity Management Description
                    Table E1 Forest Productivity -- site index, trees to manage
Table FOR-1 Forestland Management -- limitations for haul roads, suitability
                         for landings, etc.
Table FOR-2 Forestland Management -- erosion hazard, road suitability
Table FOR-3 Forestland Management -- suitability for hand planting,
                                     harvesting equipment, etc.
Table FOR-4 Forestland Management -- suitability for mechnical preparation
Recreation Description
                    Table REC-1 Recreation -- camp areas, picnic areas, playgrounds
Table REC-2 Recreation -- paths & trails, off-road motorcycle trails, golf
Wildlife Habitat Description
                    Table F Wildlife Habitat -- habitat elements; habitat for openland, woodland,
                               wetland wildlife
Hydric Soils Descriptions
                    Hydric Soils List
                    Hydric Soils List (complete Legend)
Hazard Table
          Building Site Development Description
                    Table ENG-3 Building Site Development -- dwellings w or w/o basements, small
                              commerical buildings
Table ENG-4 Building Site Development -- local roads & streets, shallow
                                     excavations, lawns/landscaping
Sanitary Facilities Description
                    Table ENG-5 Sanitary Facilities -- septic tanks, sewage lagoons
Table ENG-6 Sanitary Facilities -- landfills: trench area, daily cover
Agricultural Waste Management Description
                    Table AWM-1 Ag. Waste Interp w/fuzzy rating -- land application of manure,
                                      sludge, wastewater
Table AWM-2 Animal Waste -- wastewater application, overland, rapid                             infiltration, slow rate treatment
Construction Materials Description
                    Table ENG-1 Construction Materials -- potential for source of gravel, sand
Table ENG-2 Construction Materials -- potential for reclamation material,
                                     roadfill, topsoil
Water Management Description
                    Table WMS-1 Water Management -- limitations for pond reservoirs,
                                       embankments, excavated ponds
Soil Properties
          Engineering Index Properties Description
                    Table H Engineering Index Properties of the Soils -- USDA textures, Unified &
                        AASHTO classes, liquid limit, etc.
Physical Properties Description
                    Table J1b Physical Properties of the Soils -- K and T factors, average clay
                                 percentage, bulk density, available water capacity
Chemical Properties Description
                    Table J2 Chemical Properties of the Soils -- Cation exchange capacity, pH, etc
Water Features Description
                    Table K1 Water Features -- hydrologic group, depth to seasonal high water
                                 table, flooding
Soil Features Description
                    Table K2 Soil Features -- restrictive layers, frost action potential, risk  of
                                 corrosion, etc
Leaching Index Values (for CRP) Report
Map Sheets