USDA-NRCS 1971 Soils Survey

Kent County, Delaware

Welcome to the 1971 Kent County, Delaware Soil Survey. This web site delivers scanned images representing the 1971 Soil Survey of Kent County, Delaware. The United States Department of Agriculture's Soil Conservation Service (now known as the Natural Resource Conservation Service - NRCS), published the soil survey.

This web site is provided by the University of Delaware, School of Food and Resource Economics. The site offers access to information over the Internet that government and private groups may benefit from.

The site was developed by scanning sheets from the soils book, posting them on the web, and developing a series of web pages to orient the user to information they may need.

Image resolutions are low to keep file sizes small to reduce download times for telephone modem users. Higher resolution images on a CDROM can be provided for the complete soil survey by contacting Tom Wiltbank, District Conservationist of the Kent County field office of the USDA-NRCS. The CDROM can be viewed with Netscape, Internet Explorer, popular image viewer/manipulation software programs, or popular GIS packages.

Site design was based essentially on the table of contents provided in the soil survey.

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 Online Soil Maps

 General Soil Map.

Comments are appreciated by contacting John E. Inkster.