(Geographic Resources Analysis Support System)

GRASS 4.1 is a UNIX-based GIS developed by CERL, the Construction Engineering Research Labs, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. GRASS C source code, compiled binaries and sample data are freely available via ftp from CERL or various other sites.

The visualization group at CERL has developed innovative GRASS modules for 3D and 4D (volume through time) modeling with splining and tension. Their demonstrations include a dynamic simulation of nitrate movements in the Chesapeake Bay.

GRASS is supported by various GIS research programs, including--

CAST, the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies, U. of Arkansas. CAST houses a National Center for Resource Innovation.

REGIS, the Research Program in Environmental Planning and Geographic Information Systems, UC Berkeley. REGIS serves GRASSLinks, an interactive Web implementation of GRASS developed by Susan Huse. Check it out!

CRSSA, the Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis, Rutgers University. CRSSA distributes GRASSCLIPPINGS, an on-line newlsetter about GRASS and open GIS. It also co-developed the Global GRASS Project with CERL, which has produced a large global GIS database.

EMGIS, the Environmental Modeling and GIS Laboratory, U of Oklahoma. EMGIS has developed HYDROMOD and finite-element analysis modules in GRASS for hydrologic analyses.

The Agricultural Engineering Department at Purdue is also involved in integrating hydrologic and crop growth models into GRASS.

GRASS is also supported by active newsgroups for users (news:info.grass.user) and programmers (news:info.grass.programmer).

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