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The StatLab provides statistical consulting services to graduate students, faculty, staff, and researchers throughout the university, as well as non-University agencies and companies.  The StatLab is jointly  supported by the Statistics Program of the Department of Applied Economics and Statistics and Research & Data Management Services of the IT-User Services.

Our mission is:

  • Education: to train students of the Statistics Program to interact effectively with investigators from a variety of disciplines 
  • Research participation: to enhance the quality of experimental and other research at the University by providing high-quality statistical advice
  • Collaboration: to encourage collaborative research between statisticians and investigators from other disciplines both within and outside of the University of Delaware

The laboratory is staffed with a director and an experienced graduate student. An advisory committee, consisting of university statisticians, research methodologists from various disciplines, and subject matter specialists from industry provide additional support.

Services of the Statistical Laboratory   

The StatLab is designed to help researchers in the use of effective and appropriate statistical techniques in the analysis of data, including assistance in:  

  • Research Design Assistance prior to conducting research
  • Statistical Analysis Assistance in methods for analyzing data
  • Statistical Computing Assistance in the selection of statistical packages and interpretation of statistical output

Users are strongly encouraged to visit the Statistical Laboratory prior to collecting their data or attempting to conduct an analysis.

To Get Assistance

Statistical consultation is available only by appointment.   Users are requested to submit a brief written statement of the problem and file a form prior to scheduling an appointment.  

To schedule an appointment contact:

Dr. Thomas Ilvento 302-831-6773 or e-mail: ilvento@udel.edu

Maggie Brumit 302-831-2512  or e-mail: mbrumit@udel.edu

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