Section: Safety and Security
Policy Number: 7-41
Policy Name: Skateboard, Rollerskate/Blade, Scooter, and Bicycle Use
Date: October 23, 2000


    This policy is established to address the safety concerns of the University Community posed by the hazardous use of skateboards, rollerskates/blades, scooters and/or bicycles and to minimize damage to University property from the use of these devices.


    This policy applies to all members of the University Community including, but not limited to: faculty, students, staff and visitors.


    1. Rollerskating/blading, skateboarding, scooter riding, and the riding of bicycles is prohibited in University buildings.

    2. Roller-skating/blading, skateboarding, scooter and bicycle riding as a means of transportation is only permitted on walkways and ramps when the operator does not create a hazard to themselves or others. Performing jumps or other stunts is strictly prohibited on the campus.

    3. Rollerskating/blading and skateboarding by visitors is prohibited.

    4. Those persons causing damage to persons or property while engaged in the use of these devices will be held financially responsible.

    5. Requests for exceptions to this policy for programmed events must be made in writing to the Director of Environmental Health and Safety for review and approval.

Additional questions or comments should be directed to the Director of Environmental Health and Safety or Public Safety

Submitted by: Environmental Health and Safety and Public Safety