Play on Paper

PLAY ON PAPER is a short booklet that introduces pre-kindergarten and entering kindergarten children to a number of reading readiness concepts. The first two pages are for information about the child and for a child to draw a picture of himself or herself. The next two pages are for recording information about the child's favorite stories: title, author, and reason why the story is liked. Then the first three letters of the alphabet are introduced, both upper and lower case, with opportunities for letter matching. This is followed by a page where the child can create a picture out of letter forms. A pull-out section, inserted between the "Cc" page and the letter picture page, contains the complete alphabet, upper and lower case, in a script commonly used in prereading and initial reading materials.

The next section of the booklet provides practice in rhyming and matching words by their initial sounds. Completing the booklet are pages for practicing the numbers 0-9 and for dictating phrases or sentences to the heading "What I want to Learn in School." On the last page, continuing on to the inside of the back cover is a second alphabet chart. This one, however, includes directional arrows, indicating for each letter the correct stroke order for printing.

See the Play on Paper Activity Booklet.

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