University of Delaware
Emergency Response Working Group

Site Survey

Members of the ERWG Site Survey Team are available to conduct site surveys of collection spaces for the benefit of staff responsible for the management and oversight of the collections.

Team members are trained to work with collection managers to identify potential problems or issues pertaining to emergency preparedness and disaster mitigation, as well as general preservation issues. The site survey process begins with completion of a pre-survey questionnaire by the collection management staff that will help the team members gain a better understanding of the collection overall. Once the questionnaire is completed, an on-site visit is scheduled, during which one or more team members will walk through the collection storage spaces and discuss issues, concerns, and potential problems with the collection management staff. The overall goal of this process is to provide collection management staff with another set of tools to enhance their emergency and disaster mitigation and collection preservation capabilities.

Those interested in participating in the site survey program should contact Pat Young at